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In the fashion world the collection of Affliction sunglasses and Affliction eyeglasses is today’s peculiar mark, which has embodied the best traditions, which became classics and the modern fashion tendencies, which portray the actual trendiness of modernity. Affliction is a choice of those who has been used to pushing forward and righting along half way, who put their faith in themselves and know what they want to gain in their life.

Affliction sun glasses are a stylish element of any image and an irreplaceable attribute of those whose life is penetrated with dynamism, creativity and creative activity. Every model is definite image and absolute correspondence to the standards of the leading global producers.

Alternativeness and independence are peculiarities of Affliction eye glasses. The modern and innovative models of the collection are peculiar for the unique aesthetic design, high grade materials, used in assembling, as well as high level of production.

All the models are picked manually, that guaranties high quality and strict control in production of every specimen. Namely singularity and actuality of the design of glasses Affliction, perfect quality of production of all the components determine their popularity worldwide and large interest in this brand at the hands of men of weight.

Besides the high grades, which characterize the external parameters of sunglasses Affliction, it’s worth mentioning that the used lenses secure eyes from ultraviolet rays and ensure high definition of visual reception. The collection of eyeglasses Affliction is represented with the creative models, which intrigue with their colour scores, as well as unusual frames forms and the decoration elements. Bright external characteristics, performance perfection and models’ great variety make any model an irreplaceable and extremely effective element of their owner’s personalisation. Affliction glasses are originality and modernism, expressed in lines, forms, materials and colors of any article under this brand.

The design, which Affliction eyewear possesses, can be compared with nothing. None brand has such an interesting design. Namely for this it is popular among the cinema and show-business stars, popular musicians and sportsmen. Every frame is a real work of art, made of noble metals. Freedom and self-actualization spirit is peculiar for every model. The variety of lenses casts allows to match for their image any color – pink, yellow, grey, black. It’s impossible to remain aside with such Affliction eyewear.

Besides the splendid design an owner gains also impeccable quality. This accessory provides for high protection from ultraviolet emission, the reliable fittings are functioning properly during a long period of time. The ideal set allows to wear this detail with any face type.

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