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Blumarine Eyewear Campaign Spring-Summer 2012


The collection of Blumarine sunglasses and Blumarine eyeglasses created by the talented Italian designer Anna Molinari is addressed to a modern woman, who can be a real lady not abandoning the sexual constituent of her nature.

One of the favourites of Blumarine glasses is the model BM 96501, in form resembling a mask. The model’s earpieces, made in the form of two tangent lines, are decorated with small crystals, which shade the brand logotype. In the light, almost imponderable construction the high quality lenses are inserted. They will secure your eyes from harmful influence of ultraviolet, providing comfortable seeing.

The stylish and luxurious Blumarine sun glasses will create the unique beauty and distinguished style image. The peculiar ears, decorated with sequins and flowers, beautiful wide frame, the wonderful lenses color distinguish this model from other alike accessories.

Blumarine eye glasses originate from Blumarine fashion house. In 1970 Anna Molinari founded and started it in the province of Modena. The title was inspired by her favourite color and her love of the ocean. Italian by nature and by design Blumarine is considered to be a fountain of original conceptions and original designs.

Glasses Blumarine fit into the scheme as an accessory to complete Blumarine outfit.

The giant sizes of frames of glasses-masks, closing half of face, large logotypes in the area of ears fixation, numerous decorative inserts of different materials – all this is preserved in the collection of sunglasses Blumarine. The frame is not a strongly marked mask – the boundary between the left and right lens is definite, and nasal bridge is denoted in relief. But the wide at the bottom ears emphasize the relation to mask. The prominent free place on the wide ear is a target for application of the designer decisions. In this context a delta like fur insert is used. Across the insert is decorated with metal rivets of the gold colour. The model look extremely elegant and fresh. In Blumarine eyewear multicolored acetate is used. The wide ear is decorated with the metal logotype in the form of the Latin letter ? on the back of the graceful bow.

Eyeglasses Blumarine are produced by one of the world’s leading makers of glasses and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. The glasses can be bought in colours ranging from brown to crystal, and are produced in Italy. Created for both men and women the glasses offer something new for everybody. Blumarine products abide their creed – to stay always the most “Italian” in the graceful ocean of the fashion globalization.

Blumarine Sunglasses Campaign Spring-Summer 2012
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