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Christian Roth brand is symbiosis of creative design, knowledge of the business, understanding of peopleís needs, high technologies and modern materials. All these things are presented in Christian Roth sunglasses and Christian Roth eyeglasses.

Christian Roth was born in Germany and Eric Doma Ė in France, they got acquainted New-York in 1983. And in 1984 they founded their cooperative business. Initially the company was entitled Optical Affairs, but soon it was got the title Christian Roth. From the very beginning glasses Christian Roth distinguished themselves by their addiction to new technologies and modern materials. Light titanic frames made the brand unusually popular. Besides, the brandís founders had their creative glance at the glasses design, they considered that glasses were a bright and all-sufficient accessory, but not just a supplement to clothes. To the 25th anniversary the made a remake of the legendary model of the series of Series A glasses, which became the designersí first production and made the brand successful and popular all over the world. The frame design remained almost unchanged. The model of Christian Roth glasses has no frame, itís replaced with a crossbar, situated over lenses. To the 25th anniversary 25 models of Series A glasses were created.

Christian Roth eyewear is a mixture of success in business and natural and modern materials. Made only of natural materials the stylish glasses will become irreplaceable for any flapper. But Christian Roth became really popular only with the help of frames of Christian Roth sun glasses.

The innovative textiles of cellulose acetate or titanium reflect pageantry and the latest technological achievements. Glamour and technical innovations are the main characteristics of the high-end collection.

Nowadays itís one of the most popular brands among the designer glasses. Sunglasses Christian Roth are always characterized with avant-garde design and form, combination of the most modern materials and unexpected colours. They are made only manually at the best world factories. Among Christian Rothís fans are Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, Paris Hilton, Sharon Stone and many others. The frame is in the retro style of high quality pure titan of the golden colour. Ears are made of brown plastic. Titan is extrastrong material which guarantees you the maximal comfort and durability. Eyeglasses Christian Roth are a complete exclusive. Very fashionable and stylish form. Christian Roth logotype is always drawn only inside. The glasses package include the exclusive innovative boxing and a napkin.

All the self-assured representatives of the progressive mankind wear the stylish glasses from Christian Roth. Join them and buy Christian Roth eye glasses


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