When you think of surfing there are a couple of things that always go hand in hand with it – this includes the cool fashion eyewear from Arnette. It’s really no surprise that this designer eyewear brand takes its ‘cool’ name from the famous Californian surfer dude, Greg Arnet who was the first designer of the Arnette fashion group. Created in a tiny one-car garage, this brand gradually became more popular and overtook all other youth and lifestyle eyewear.

Arntette glasses are distinct in the use of modern materials and the vast range of colors. Built strong, these durable designer glasses can survive the strongest of crashes and are almost scratch resistant. Perfect for surfing and other water sports, Arnette fashion shades have polycarbonate lenses which offer the wearer full protection against those dangerous ultraviolet rays.

The great thing about Arnette eyeglasses is that they’re considered to be 100% cross-functional. In other words these sports glasses will suit almost anyone and any image. With their easily replaceable temples, they can be adjusted to suit any mood or outfit. Changing the temples is easy and all you need is a little bit of effort on your part with the Arnette all-purpose tool, which is also included in the Arnette eyewear package.

Get as many different looks as you desire with its great color diversity. Play around with the different temple colors to create a range of interesting variations. Known for their large frames and wraparound style, Arnette eyewear is the perfect accessory for the keen water sportsman or woman.

Another fantastic thing about these awesome shades is that you don’t have to fork out hundreds of dollars to achieve these different looks.

Arnette fashion eyewear for men and women is devoted to its state-of-the-art design and high quality. Behind the Arnette brand is a number of famous sporting greats including extreme sportspeople from surfing to skateboarding. With two things in mind, enjoying life at a great pace and individuality, Arnette sunglasses continues to thrive.