When you hear the name Persol Eyewear, you’ll conjure up images of adventure, Hollywood, and style. Why? The answer’s in the name James, James Bond. Persol glasses are the very designer sunglasses that were sported by Daniel Craig when playing 007 agent, James Bond, in Die Another Day and Casino Royal. Persol eyewear is known for their classic designer eyewear for men.

Not only can you model the latest in Persol sunglasses, you can also wear Persol eyeglasses which will better your eyesight and image at the same time. Eyeglasses and sunglasses by Persol add a unique individuality to the wearer and they’ll also add that sense of adventure and mystique. With a very long and rich history, Persol designer eyewear for men has been running for over 90 years. Born in the country of style and suaveness, Italy, it’s no wonder that Persol frames and glasses continue to delight and intrigue.