Every good secret agent or spy needs the perfect pair of designer sunglasses to make their mark and at the same time if needed, help them to go incognito.

Spy glasses for men are the perfect iconic pair of sunglasses for everyone who’s youthful or young at heart. Spy eyewear fans love adventure, extreme sports, and at times, going undercover because that’s what a good spy does. Spy sunglasses for men are the number one designer sports glasses among top sportsmen especially those who do sport in humid areas. Spy glasses have cleverly incorporated a double lens system that’s been carefully sealed to eliminate any moisture in the lenses and fogginess – this is extremely important as in some extreme sports’ cases this could be a matter of life and death. Additionally, Spy Sports Eyewear offers a 100% shield from any harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays. You can be rest assured that your eyes will remain fully protected and at the same time block out any bothersome glares from the powerful sun.

Spy designer glasses for men typically wrap around with squared or goggle shaped frames. Easily suiting most faces, these monochromatic black and white designer frames with their distinct futuristic look will help you to complete your on and off-field image.