Tag Heuer

Although a relatively new designer eyewear brand for men and women, Tag Heuer glasses have gained an impressive fan base throughout the world. Together with Logo, Tag Heuer has worked against the odds and has managed to bring out the Tag Heuer eyewear range by implementing non-traditional technologies.

Tag Heuer designer glasses are unique. Their night vision lenses allow wearers to take their designer eyewear to a whole new level with the ability to see during the evening and night with a clearer and sharper vision.

Tag Heuer glasses are a branch of the posh Swiss timepiece company – Tag Heuer Company. Just like their watches and clocks, they’ve released the Tag Heuer eyewear range in exactly the same avant-garde manner. Typically used for sports and outdoor activities, Tag Heuer sunglasses are the perfect designer accessory for active people. Using an interesting modern mix of technology and high caliber materials, all eyewear by Tag Heuer will give you that ‘X-factor.’

Their reliable lenses with adjustable temples block out all harmful UV rays and the strong glare from the sun. Take them with you as you speed through the sea on your sailing boat – you’ll never be affected negatively because these water-resistant designer glasses from Tag Heuer stay true to their quality guarantee - Tag Heuer eyeglasses and sunglasses do nothing but ‘wow.’