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Marchon is the giant producer of eyewear who united under the company’s name such famous brands as Emilio Pucci, Coach, Sean John, X Games, Calvin Klein, ck Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, Flexon, Jil Sander, Fendi, Nike sport, Nike, Nautica etc. Marchon Inc. produces the own line of Marchon eyeglasses. The collection has incorporated the best technologies and in combination with unique designer solutions Marchon sunglasses desirable by those who prefer high quality and monitors the latest trends in the world of fashion.

Since the foundation in 1983 the company Marchon Eyewear grew into one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of high quality eyeglass frames and sunglasses. The company is known for its constant striving for new designs and technologies. For example, the newest technology used for the frames of Marchon eye glasses is elastic metal Flexon, so-called “material with memory”.

Denying all the laws of nature, flexible frames of Marchon eye glasses take their original shape, even if they accidentally got twisted or bent. Designed on the basis of titanium in the US Naval Ordnance Lab, material Flexon is one of the most plastic materials in the world. Unlike conventional metal frames, the Flexon technology used to produce Marchon sun glasses almost impossible to bend or twist, as "remembering metal" each time forcing glasses to take their initial shape. This unique material is 25% lighter than standard metals, so frames from it are much more comfortable. High resistance and durability of the frames of sunglasses Marchon can easily withstand all sports exercises without getting deformed or broken. Also the metal has anti-corrosion characteristics as pure titanium, so the glasses are longer retain their color and appearance. Having four exclusive patents on Flexon technology, Marchon Eyewear are able to offer customers the splendid glasses, which provide comfort, durability, long life and functionality of the elements. All these qualities can be ensured only by excellent and high tech products.

The collection of eyeglasses Marchon combines classic sensibility with the modern technology, offering a quality of the highest value in a wide range of styles, materials and colors. Owning Flexon technology, Marchon sun glasses are not neglecting to use high quality plastic for frames. No doubt that the lenses used for the models are exclusively highly protective and provide perfect shield from UV rays.

Realizing that the fitting of the glasses is important for vision and comfort, Marchon Eyewear offers a large selection of frames sizes from small to large. It makes the brand perfect for the whole family. Purchasing eye glasses Marchon you are making reliable decision which has been justified long time back with the confidence of well-known fashion houses.

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