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The collection of Vogue  sunglasses and Vogue  eyeglasses was created in 1973 under the title which was the same as that of a fashionable magazine. Every model of the glasses collection presents an ideal accessory for those who keep up with the times, following the latest fashionable directions, appreciating elegancy.

Since 1970 year Vogue glasses are created for energetic young women adore to dress fashionably and to experiment with images.

These passionate flappers are the first to take up new tendencies. Inconstancy and charm, lightness and flow of spirits are combined in their style. They choose Vogue eye glasses – glasses in which every woman can feel like a top model on the same basis as Jisel Bundkhen and Dariya Verbova.

These podium stars, the living legends of the modern fashion, presented one of the collection glasses Vogue. And in 2010 the identities of the advertising campaign Vogue eyewear were the six lucky women who had won the fascinating internet-audition which took place in six world countries.

The collections of eyeglasses Vogue always reflect the latest fashion trends.

The worldwide renowned Vogue knows exactly, what women want to gain. This year the brand has prepared for you a surprise: a stylish, ideal as much as it’s possible, unique collection.

Sunglasses Vogue suit the youth with their constant pursuit for fashion and for rich ladies with delicate taste. Namely this is the singularity of the brand: it will belong to any style. Study the new collection and you will notice: the brand doesn’t accent on any definite colour, here you can find a model suited to every fancy. Bright details, decorations on frames and earpieces, style and some impudence are the things you will find exactly in this collection. It will be not difficult to make choice: we will afford a chance to find Vogue sun glasses from great variety.

Sunglasses become an essential of a fashionable style. The sunglasses possess different forms, so you easily create your unique, individual image. The most popular sunglasses form of this season is retro. Large forms with smoothed streamlined faces are present practically in every collection.

Sunglasses should fulfil not only a decorative function, but also a protection function. The modern exquisite appearance of sunglasses should be in harmony with good protection from ultraviolet emission.

Glasses are a unique possibility for every woman to become inimitable and nameable.

vogue glasses spring 2012 campaign
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