Carrera’s Best Selling Sunglasses: 10 Cool Models Not To Miss in 2017

the best carrera sunglasses
A new season is right around the corner which means it’s time for a wardrobe do-over and some cool new accessories. One thing you can’t forget – a fresh pair of designer sunglasses to up your style and protect yourself from the sun. And this year, Carrera’s sunglasses are changing the game with the new collection.

The Austrian-born brand is well known and appreciated in the fashion world for their iconic sporty and fashionable frame styles. Their sunglasses have become an emblem of quality & coolness to which a lot of celebrities have been quick to rally.

With amazing designs and an affordable price tag, Carrera is the under 100$ designer sunglasses brand you shouldn’t miss out on. Read on our curated review & discover their best models you should be wearing in 2017!

best carrera sunglasses

Kit Harington wearing Carrera Sunglasses

What are Carrera sunglasses?

Carrera glasses are an eyewear brand first founded in 1956 in Austria by Wilhelm Anger Werker who was inspired by the Carrera Panamericana race. In 1974 the brand released its iconic Porsche Design sunglasses. In the following years, Carrera made its name sponsoring sports events such as the America’s Cup, Winter Olympics, and Formula 1 races.

The brand creates sporty but stylish eyewear and has its headquarters in Padova, Italy. Carrera sunnies are created by the Safilo Group S.p.A and sometimes in collaboration with other well-known sunglasses brands.

best carrera sunglasses models

Most popular Carrera sunglasses:

The most popular Carrera models are:

  • Carrera Champion
  • Carrera Safari
  • Carrera Gypsy
  • Carrera 6000
  • Carrera 6008
  • Carrera Porsche design

These styles have been rocked by celebrities worldwide and are celebrated as iconic. Carrera also produces numerous other styles as well as a whole line of eyeglasses.

jared leto carrera sunglasses

Carrera sunglasses price

Even thought Carrera is a designer brand, its prices are surprisingly affordable. This makes a lot of people wonder if Carrera sunglasses are good. Make no mistake – when you opt for Carrera, you are buying a high-quality product. You can regard it as an under 100$ designer sunglasses brand, an affordable luxury.

carrera sunglasses

Carrera frames rarely exceed 200$ and can go as low as 60$. The Carrera and other limited editions are what usually drives the price upwards. Also, the Carrera polarized lenses with UV400 protection can increase the standard price of a frame – but the feature will guarantee that your eyes are alway safe.

Where are Carrera sunglasses made?

Carrera frames are made in manufacturing factories in Italy, China, and Slovenia. Since 1966, the brand’s assembly industry is in Henan, China. The place of origin has no impact on the frame’s quality – all Carrera eyewear is manufactured to the same quality standards.

So, if the pair you buy is made in China that does not mean that you purchased a fake it actually means that it can come from the original assembly line.

Reliability, innovation, and tradition have made Carrera one of the most sought after eyewear brands so there’s no need to worry about their provenience as long as you buy them from authorized retailers.

Carrera aviator sunglasses

Carrera’s reinterpretation of the Aviator style is probably one of the most successful revamps of a classic shape.

The Carrera Aviators are slightly oversized because they cover most of your face. They are usually made from acetate and metal. The frame preserves the straight browline and tear-drop lens design.

Without a doubt, the most popular version is the Carrera Champion Aviator sunglasses.

Carrera Champion UV Protection Sunglasses

Carrera Champion Sunglasses – Get yours here!

Champion are easily recognizable by their design – they are basically famous and a lot of celebrities wear them as a style statement. They are perfectly balanced in thickness and shape – thin arms on a thin acetate frame decorated with a metal bar on the browline.

carrera sunglasses champion

Carrera Champion sunglasses with UV protection will be a great choice for somebody who wears sunglasses frequently. Made from strong, durable materials, they are reliable and will keep you company for a long time.

However, if you are looking for something more noticeable, the Carrera Havana Aviators are a great alternative to the classic Champion.


Carrera Aviator Havana Sunglasses

Carrera Aviator Sunglasses – Get yours here!

There are small but visible differences – the arms are positioned higher which take the roundness from the corners. The browline is thinner and lacks the metal bar.

Overall, this Havana frame is lighter than the Champion and sports a matte finish in a brown and yellow that gives it styles points.

Carrera Gypsy sunglasses

If an acetate frame is not exactly what you are looking for then you might want to consider Carrera’s new Gypsy aviator sunglasses.

Carrera New Gypsy sunglasses

Carrera Gypsy sunglasses

This Carrera aviator frame is made from stainless steel – very durable and strong. The tear shaped lenses are unusually pointy which draws attention to the full silhouette.

Its browline is slightly curvy creating the illusion of overall roundness. The frame sits on comfortably adjustable nose pads and due to its lightness, you won’t even know you are wearing them.

The Carrera Gypsy sunglasses are beautiful in their simplicity which make them an ideal choice for someone who wants to “fly below the radar” while also looking good.


Carrera vintage aviator sunglasses

Inspired by the legendary Panamerican race, the Carrera Panamerika Aviators are one of the oldest and most appreciated Carrera series. Carrera has a long history of supporting races and sports events which can you read about on the Carrera official website.

Part of the Aviator styles, these beautiful Panamerika frames have a vintage twist that will not go unnoticed.

Carrera Panamerika Aviator Sunglasses

Carrera Panamerika – Get yours here!

Panamerika is easily distinguishable – all metal frame, unusual bridge, and pointy teardrop lenses. The frame has no noticeable angles because the temples are rounded. It’s as if one single continuous line drew the silhouette of this fresh frame.

carrera champion sunglasses

It sits on comfortable nose pads and has a single piece nose bridge that is perforated. This detail marks the vintage influence that the frames boast – vintage Carrera models used to have the nose bridge perforated or missing.

The Amerikana might be one of the best vintage-inspired Carrera hot aviator sunglasses that you can get right now.

Carrera Safari sunglasses

The new Carrera Safari sunglasses are a bolder extension on the aviator shape, called Navigators.

Carrera Safari sunglasses in black

Carrera Safari sunglasses

The Safari is a full rim with masculine features that translate into a rectangular silhouette. They have a flat browline and are slightly curved as if to wrap around your face. This style fits right in with the latest trending sunglasses styles.

The large lenses are cropped at the bridge for the vintage Carrera look. The new Carrera Safari is made from a blend of metal and Optyl Plastic Font, a great material that is resistant to sweat and cosmetics.

Carrera wayfarer sunglasses

The Carrera Wayfarer series started with the issue of the first Carrera 6000 model. Ever since then, the style has been improved and presented in multiple versions, each with its own personality.

Carrera foldable wayfarers

For those looking for maximum practicality, the Carrera 6000 Wayfarer foldable sunglasses are a smart investment.

Carrera Foldable Wayfarer Sunglasses

Carrera 6000 Foldable – Get yours here!

The Carrera 6000 is simple in its design – it maintains the classic Wayfarer silhouette and it builds on it by adding extra elements such as the Carrera polarized lenses. It can also be regarded as a vintage Carrera frame since the design of the 6000 has not changed in a long time.

carrera wayfarer 6000 sunglasses

What makes this frame really interesting is the foldable feature which allows it to travel with you anywhere. Due to its small size, it can be safely stored in almost any pocket.

The foldable Wayfarers are fit for a person who travels a lot and spends time outside the office.

For those who only use sunglasses as an accessory, a great choice is the Carrera 5018 Havana Wayfarers.

Carrera Havana Wayfarer Sunglasses

Carrera Havana Wayfarers – Get yours here!

Stylish and eye-catching, this Carrera frame is bigger and even bolder than your regular Wayfarer.

Masculine in its silhouette, it features a prominent flat browline with square lenses and prolonged straight temples. While mostly made from acetate, its arms are crafted from metal with rubber finishes.

The Carrera Havana colorway will keep the compliments coming.

Finally, for the free spirits, artists, and outdoor enthusiasts, the Carrera blue Wayfarer sunglasses will be love at first sight. It has a playful, summer vibe about it that make it ideal for younger people.

Carrera Blue Wayfarer Sunglasses

Carrera Blue Wayfarer Sunglasses – Get yours here!


The frame is made from semi-transparent blue acetate and the arms from matte finish plastic. It’s smaller and lighter than the 5018 with less rough edges and corners.

carrera champion sunglasses

It is also available in all of Carrera’s colorways – red, black or yellow.

Carrera round sunglasses

Round frames are a slick way to get noticed and complimented really fast. Carrera’s round acetate sunglasses will turn heads and flatter your overall style.


Carrera Havana Sunglasses

Carrera 5019 Sunglasses – Get yours here!

The round acetate frame features prolonged temples and a keyhole bridge. It’s thin and light – only the arms are crafted from metal that ends in protective pink rubber. It’s purpose is to protect the skin behind your ears.


The lenses are rounded and colored in gray which creates a beautiful contrast with the dark brown and yellow Havana colorway.

Carrera shield sunglasses

Created for the style extravagants, shield sunglasses are a bold statement piece. They are fit for fashion enthusiasts, highly artistic people and eyewear aficionados. They are reminiscent of the Carrera Porsche design sunglasses.

Carrera Vinyl Shield Sunglasses

Carrera Shield Sunglasses – Get yours here!

Made from a single piece, these sunglasses are a throwback piece from the time when Carrera made sky goggles and eyewear for races.

The shield frames are heavy but wrap around your face comfortably due to the soft nose pads. Its arms are made from thin metal and are attached to the lenses on the side.

Carrera shield sunglasses are power glasses – they may not be for everyone but will definitely flatter those who decide to rock them.

How to spot fake Carrera sunglasses

As all major designer eyewear brands, Carrera has to deal with counterfeiters. Carrera sunglasses are amongst the most replicated items – cheap version can be found almost everywhere so if you don’t know what to look for you might end up buying a fake.

Here are some basic rules to avoid buying fake Carrera glasses.

  1. Original Carrera packaging has to have the original barcode label applied to the leather case.
  2. The Carrera sunglasses warranty should accompany every pair you buy.
  3. The sunglasses lenses should have the Carrera name etched in the corner – run your finger across it to feel if it’s etched in or glued. The same applies if they are Carrera polarized sunglasses.

best carrera sunglasses for men

One of the surest ways to avoid buying a fake product is to only buy from authorized retailers and official stores. If you shop on Carrera sunglasses from online stores, buy from trustworthy, know retailers. Always be weary of huge discounts – Carrera sales are not very frequent and designer brands rarely practice sales due to their strict price policy. You can read more on how to tell fake Carrera sunglasses in our complete guide.

Don’t miss out our entire Carrera discounted sunglasses collection for more frame ideas!

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