The Best 19 Men’s Designer Sunglasses Trends For 2017


Designer sunglasses are more than a casual accessory to shield your eyes in the summer. They have a personality of their own & work as a finishing touch to a great outfit, so any man should cop a new pair this summer.

These frames are the best choice for a stylish look, because you have the brand’s promise of quality & unicity. Keep reading to find out what brands are the best for you and what type of frames fit your style! Find out from our top 6 popular sunglasses style trends you should sport in 2017!

We’ve run down a list of the most popular styles and the best men’s frames for 6 different styles. All you have to do is decide on your favorite pair of designer shades and get them right away! Shop the best style for your style & face!

1. Oversized Aviator Sunglasses

Aviators are and will always be the top choice for sunglasses. Timeless and cool, the Aviators are the most popular sunglasses in the world. Known for their high quality and practicality, Aviator sunglasses are a must-have in any man’s wardrobe.

Man wearing Ray Ban Aviators Black

Several designer brands have given their own interpretation of the aviator trend but the all time champion is Ray-Ban.

Ray-Ban Aviators

Ray-Ban is synonymous with the original Aviators, the signature frames that made the brand famous. Beautiful teardrop lenses fitted into a slim and elegant metal frame makes up the classic Aviator silhouette.

Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses

Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses – Get yours here!

They can be worn everyone but we recommend them for the man who dresses casually and is daily on the go. Ray-Ban aviators have a manly masculine attitude, they inspire masculinity and confidence – the best choice for a laid back man.

Tom Ford Aviators

If you want to go for the Aviator trend but are not keen on Ray-Ban, there’s always Tom Ford. Tom Ford Aviators are more fashion oriented, ideal for a stylish man who pays great attention to his outfits. Aviators are one of Tom Ford’s most appreciated accessory pieces and they will do wonders for your outfits.

Tom Ford Chris Aviator Sunglasses

Tom Ford Chris Aviator sunglasses – Get yours here!

Tom Ford sunglasses emulate the style of their designer – classy and sophisticated. They are the perfect combination between office smart outfits and uptown casual. Wear them as Tom does with a black suit and double denim shirt.

Persol Aviators

Persol designer Aviators are the ultimate accessory for a gentleman. The preferred eyewear choice for James Bond, Persol Aviators are high-end designer sunglasses for the modern day man. Designed in a thick acetate frame, the colors and silhouette of Persol Aviators will complement your exquisite taste in fashion.

Persol PO 9649S Aviator Sunglasses in tortoise shell

Persol Aviator sunglasses – Get yours here!

Elegant suit and tie outfits are the best matches for these designer sunglasses. A wise choice for a man who spends his day between business meetings and fancy restaurant dinners. As timeless as Aviators might be, you can always try out new and exciting stuff. If you don’t want to go for the classic safe choice have a look at some of the other styles we’ve got lined up for this year.

2. Square Wayfarer Cool Sunglasses

Square sunglasses are a great choice for round, heart and oval-shaped faces. Their sharp and hard lines will contrast beautifully with the rounded shape of your face. Usually emphasized by the Wayfarer style, square sunglasses are very popular. Designers have sparked numerous models, in all variations.

Square sunglasses for men Wayfarers

As with the timeless Aviators, designer label Ray-Ban revolutionized the world of eyewear with their iconic Wayfarer square frame. It’s only natural that they preserve a spot on our countdown.

Ray-Ban Square Wayfarers

The square Ray-Ban Wayfarer is a thick retro frame that is as classic as the brand itself. Ideal for a memorable outfit, these frames are exactly what you need in your fresh new wardrobe. What makes Ray-Ban Wayfarers frames so popular is their versatile style. They go with everything, from a V-neck white T to a suit and tie outfit (provided you are rocking all black frames).

Ray Ban foldable Wayfarers

Ray-Ban Foldable Wayfarers – Get yours here!

When looking for the perfect men’s designer sunglasses you must take into consideration your overall style and needs. Can you sometimes escape the routine of work and venture off in a convertible? Do you like wearing a halfway unbuttoned white shirt as you stroll the beach?

Ray-Ban square frames show free spirit and rebelliousness. If you want a more mature and elegant look then maybe you should cop for something else.

Gucci Square Sunglasses

The name Gucci has a certain resonance which instantly makes you think about high-end products and over the top designs.

Gucci frames emulate the brand’s own personality – they are fancy, stylish and colorful. They have a thick, square silhouette that matches elegant outfits. Gucci represents high-end designer frames and is suited for a luxury-oriented man.

Gucci GG 1055 Square sunglasses

Gucci GG 1055 Square sunglasses – Get yours here!

Not as versatile as the Ray-Ban Wayfarer’s, Gucci designer sunglasses match a man with extravagant and luxurious taste. They pair well both with Italian suits and shirts and with Polo T-Shirts. Throw in a pair of high-quality leather loafers and you have the perfect look.

If you plan on spending a lot of time in a continuous and opulent holiday then Gucci square sunglasses are the right fit for you.

Tom Ford Wayfarer inspired Shades

best men sunglasses 2017


Prada Square Sunglasses

Prada sunglasses are elegant and sophisticated in their beauty. Prada square sunglasses have discreet colors infused in an elegant and recognizable design.

The thick frames and gradient lenses are made from high-quality products which assure you, the buyer, full comfort.

Prada SPR 30R Square Sunglasses

Prada SPR 30R Square Sunglasses – Get yours here!

Prada designer sunglasses are simple yet beautiful. Very elegant, they are a great match for a gentleman who indulges in the finest business outfits. Prada designs are serious and demand respect and so should be the wearer.

Outfits compatible with the Prada square frames include suits and ties, elegant shirts for the office, expensive watches and other luxury items of clothing. Nothing but the best, really.

3. Round/Circular Trendy Shades

Round sunglasses are one of the most fashion oriented shapes in the world of eyewear. Instantly drawing attention, round frames complement a squarish face with clear lines and angles. Reminiscent of the John Lennon or Teddy Roosevelt look, round frames can be both eccentric and serious.

Let’s have a look at some impressive fashion models!

Persol Round Sunglasses for men


Round Sunglasses from Cazal

Designer sunglasses for men come in all shapes and sizes but few are as personal and as individual as Cazal frames. Cazal sunglasses are unique and special – they make you stand out of the crowd and get noticed for your particular taste.

Cazal round sunglasses have a beautiful design – round lenses held together by a metal and acetate frame in dual colors – gold and black. An exclusive and out of the ordinary frame for a peculiar man.

Cazal Round Sunglasses

Cazal CZ 644/S Round sunglasses – Get yours here!


Are they a right fit for you? They should be! They should be for all of us. Unfortunately, a high degree of fashion sense and style is necessary to pull these off. Your outfit has to be as stylish as the frames and your persona free-spirited, art oriented. Cazal is not your ordinary pair of frames.

Wear them with designer outfits in bright colors while you are away on holiday.

Burberry Round Sunglasses

Burberry frames for men are elegant and posh, a great fit for any young man. The interesting silhouette speaks about an intriguing man who is always absorbed by his work or studies. The high-quality Burberry materials guarantee a long life span so you can get ready to make an investment for your style.

Burberry Round Sunglasses


Far from being nerdy, this frame suits a serious individual. This is not an “the day after the party” frame but more of an “I’m going to the park to do some studying”. The Burberry round sunglasses pair with a tweed jacket, a relaxed shirt, and some Oxford shoes. Elegant and neat!

Tom Ford Round Sunglasses

If you ever find yourself in a style crisis, turn to Tom Ford. It’s hard to go wrong with one of the world’s top designers. Tom Ford sunglasses are manly and mature, a great combination for any determined man.

Tom Ford Round Sunglasses

Tom Ford TF 400 Lucho – Get yours here!

The Tom Ford round sunglasses are a great pick for a seasoned fashion enthusiast who takes himself and his work seriously.

In all black, wear them with suit and tie. They can be named professional frames because of their discreet look and dark coloring. The best way to describe them would be exquisite.

Festival Pick: Oakley Round Madman Sunglasses

Summer is all about festivals and even the hardest working man must take some time for himself. There’s no better way to have fun than going to an outdoor music festival. And this summer, there’s plenty to choose from.

But because they are outdoors, and the sun is powerful, Oakley came up with the perfect round frame for eccentric festival goers. It’s a bit hard to believe that designer sunglasses could embrace such unusual shapes but Oakley did it.

Oakley Madman round sunglasses

If you are planning a trip to Burning Man or any other insane outdoor fest we recommend you pick up one of Oakley’s pairs.

4. Flat Top Fashion Sunglasses

Flat top sunglasses are a combination between a modern style and a retro look. Very masculine, these frames are usually oversized and squarish. The straight line top is precise and unique, making this style easily recognizable.

With a powerful sex-appeal, the flat top sunglasses will give you a natural boost of confidence that can only come from looking good. In fact, flat top frames a favorite of a long list of celebrities like Kanye West, Chris Brown or Justin Bieber.

Dolce & Gabbanna Flat Top Sunglasses

Flat Top Sunglasses from Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana are well known for their flat top sunglasses designs. It is a frame style that has long associated with the designer brand. For 2017, we recommend you go with something simple in terms of colors, but with a decisive, instantly recognizable flat-top.

Dolce & Gabanna DG 4229 Flat Top sunglasses

D&G 4229 Flat Top sunglasses – Get yours here!

The Dolce & Gabbana flat top frames are a perfect balance between serious business and celebrity status. They imply both glamor and style so it’s best if you wear them at special events, paired with impressive outfits. You can match them with sporty or smart-casual outfits as long as they have personality and attract attention. Jeans and a casual T-shirt will simply not do.

Tom Ford Flat Top Aviators

Elegant as ever, these Tom Ford frames are the result of a fusion between the flat top style and the aviator silhouette. The beautiful teardrop lenses come together in an acetate frame with a straight flat top that also boosts metal. This frame is one of the best in men’s designer sunglasses. It embodies masculinity and sex appeal with a hint of aristocracy.

Tom Ford Flat top Aviators sunglasses

Tom Ford Dimitry sunglasses – Get yours here!

These frames are the ones you take when you are shopping on Fifth Avenues, having your coffee at a fancy Caffe or enjoying a relaxing afternoon somewhere on a roof.

They are ideal for a casual, on-point outfit. Blend into the crowd with style and keep everything simple. An unbuttoned shirt, a simple jacket, khaki trousers and loads of stylish bracelets on your wrists. Sounds familiar?

Gucci Flat Top Sunglasses

Gucci’s luxurious approach is translated into these high-end flat top sunglasses. Preserving the Gucci trademark of quality, the frame resembles the aviator but is innovative in its lines and shapes. The lenses are squarish, rather than tear-dropped and the browline is straight and flat. The discreet Gucci red line can be seen on the side of the arms, a testament that you are wearing one of the world’s most famous brands.

Gucci Flat Top Aviators

The Gucci flat top sunglasses are a holiday and relaxation-oriented. Shorts, a polo T-Shirt, and a long drink cocktail are your matching items. Take them for a spin and rejoice at the people turning their heads.

5. Luxury Statement Sunglasses

Statement designer sunglasses have a strong personality and do not succumb to any style in particular. They are unique pieces, who choose their owners as much as the owner chooses them. Some will fit you, some will not, but once you find the right pair, it will stick with you for the rest of the year. Take a look!

Tom Ford Statement Sunglasses

Versace Browline Men’s Aviators

Versace sunglasses for men are unique and beautiful and will always make you stand out of the crowd. The innovative revamps of classic silhouettes by Versace are often preferred to the originals due to the brand’s personal touch.

The Versace frame takes inspiration from Ray Ban’s most famous frame and adds new elements such as the leather browline, the thin metal arms engraved with the brand’s name and a beautiful new coloring.

Versace VE 4327 Aviator sunglasses

Versace VE 4327 Aviator sunglasses – Get yours here!

The Versace brand implies sophistication and class and the aviator silhouette suggests manliness. The result is an elegant and masculine frame that you can pair with an equally neat outfit. Stay clear of hoodies and sneakers but keep a relaxed attitude. There is no need to be formal, just make a tasteful statement.

Oakley Sporty Wayfarers

Well respected in the world of designer sunglasses, Oakley eyewear is famous for their high-quality frames and lenses. Oakley sunglasses for men are sport oriented which makes them able to withstand impact and constant usage.

The Wayfarer interpretation preserves the essentials of the classic while boasting new improvements such as a keyhole nose bridge and reinforced acetate frame. It’s a statement that the retro look is still cool and is ready for your eclectic outfits.

Oakley Square sunglasses

This is the perfect frame for the Wayfarer fan who is keen on an active life. Oakley guarantee of quality puts your mind at ease and allows you to take your favorite frame everywhere. Whether it’s a morning jog or a nice hike you will need a reliable pair of sunglasses that lets everybody know you are a sportsman.

Prada Oversized Sunglasses

Prada understands that the morning after the party is always the hardest so they help you with this amazing oversized frame. Bloodshot eyes and dark circles from too many unslept nights are no longer a problem.

Let everyone know you are a man about the town and that 2017 summer is for partying. Retreat to the comfort of oversized shades while having a morning fruit fresh. Prada sunglasses for men are the perfect choice after a long, wild night.

Prada Square Sunglasses

Prada SPR 02S sunglasses – Get yours here!

If parties are what you do best then there’s really no alternative. Clever in masking the night before yet stylish enough to make you the target of compliments, Prada oversized sunglasses are a great investment. You can pair them with almost any town outfit.

6. Blue Mirrored Sunglasses

Mirrored designer sunglasses are instant head-turners, an accessory for the man who wants to make his presence known. Their reflective lenses set them apart from other styles and make them unique.

A great advantage of mirrored sunglasses is that they look well when photographed. Pair that with an adventurous person who travels a lot and you have the recipe for great style and vacation photos.

Elegant Mirrored Sunglasses for men

Ray-Ban Round Mirrored Sunglasses

The first and most prominent style for mirrored lenses are is the round frame. Ray-Ban managed to make this model look cool and hipsterish – a great choice for young men. The round, reflective lenses shield your eyes from the sun while also providing a great aesthetic feature.

Ray Ban round mirrored sunglasses

Ray-Ban Round Mirrored sunglasses – Get yours here!

Preferred by festival goers and nature lovers, this style defines the casual style. It pairs with simple and relaxed outfits. If trips to the beach and outdoor concerts are in plan for this year, you might as well cop for them.

Prada Mirrored Sunglasses

These Prada frames are light and comfortable and you also have the mirrored lenses to better protect your eyes. The silhouette is Aviator inspired but it’s shapes and curves reminds you that you have chosen Prada.

The frame is thin and fragile and you should handle them with great care. We would call these the best driving glasses for men of the season.

Prada mirrored aviator sunglasses

Prada SPS 50R Aviator sunglasses – Get yours here!

Prada mirrored sunglasses are ideal for a mature man who is careful with his looks and accessories. These are not holiday sunglasses, they go well in work environments so be sure you match them with a suit and tie.

Dolce & Gabbana Mirrored Aviators

This oversized pair of Aviator frames is the perfect accessory for photoshoots and fashion shows. The large reflective lenses will act as a mirror for all those who surround you. The straight browline and acetate silhouette enhances your masculinity and gives you confidence.

D&G DG 4201 mirrored sunglasses

Dolce & Gabbana 4201 Mirrored sunglasses – Get yours here!

Dolce & Gabbana’s mirrored sunglasses are a good fit for a man who enjoys the spotlight. They attract attention to you and your style so be ready to live up to it. Designer garments and eccentric outfits complete the superstar look.


So there you have it, the best men’s designer sunglasses looks!

Still haven’t seen what your perfect frame? Check out our entire cool (and cheap!) sunglasses 2017 collection!


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