Top 15 Men’s Designer Sunglasses That Won’t Break the Bank



Trends come and go, but a pair of classic designer sunglasses never grows old.

Whether it’s the ‘hard & fast’ appeal of a well-designed aviator frame or the vintage charm of round lenses and tortoiseshell, some styles keep their ageless flair and remain most wanted despite the trends that follow.

This summer, you can treat yourself to a pair of quality sunglasses for less than you’d expect and people will have no idea how little you actually spent. We’ve put together a selection of the best men’s designer sunglasses from top rated brands like Prada, Versace, Carrera, and Ray-Ban, & for every type of budget: under $100, $125, and 150 dollars.

Read on & cop our favorite finds: only the best value for money!

Cheaper Sunglasses Brands List

With some brands & designer name, you won’t be able to touch their frames without whipping out a couple hundred dollars at the least.

But that’s not the case with all designers. Here are some of the brands that offer affordable options:

  1. Carrera – one of the best choices for top quality inexpensive sunwear
  2. Ray Ban
  3. Polaroid
  4. Dolce & Gabanna
  5. Ralph Lauren
  6. Burberry
  7. Lacoste
  8. Prada

Let’s go into more detail!

Best Men’s Designer Sunglasses Under $100

Check out our top-rated men’s designer sunglasses that don’t break the bank! If you can’t shell out $100 for the designer piece you crave, then here are cheaper alternatives!

All of these men’s frames from famous designers have a super low price tag that won’t make you feel guilty or bad if you lose them! Some of the most classic silhouettes are currently on sale, so it’s a great time to invest in a long-lasting designer piece!

1. Flat Top Mirrored Aviators by Dolce & Gabbana

Price: $88.10

Stay fresh & 100 percent UV-protected in these cool Aviators – probably the best die-hard men’s sunglasses styles! Designers turn to this versatile tear-shaped oversized lens almost every season, reimagining it in new materials and color palettes.

These double-bar flat top aviators by Dolce & Gabanna are a great example of the style’s evolution. The black rim in high-quality acetate brings a more casual, yet prominent appearance, while the colorful mirrored lenses add a finishing touch that’s in tune with contemporary trends.



D&G Mirrored Aviators – Get yours here!

2. Classy Black Wayfarers by Carrera

Price: $92.85

Here’s another set of shades that won’t break your budget. Every stylish gentleman needs a classic pair of sunglasses to match up formal office attire as well as casual wear, and these frames by Carrera* will make you shine for any occasion.

With this pair of sleek, unassuming wayfarers, you can complement your outfits with gusto. Remember that bigger isn’t always better. Slimmer sunglasses will always enhance the natural features of your face, without drawing attention to themselves.



Carrera Classic Black Wayfarers – Get yours here!

For more discount men’s Carrera sunglasses under $100 & under $70, check out the entire collection!

3. Reliable Polarized Sunglasses by Polaroid

Price: $79

Our top pick for the best inexpensive polarized sunglasses under 100 is a durable frame by Polaroid. It doesn’t get better than this! With a super wearable shape, these high-performing polarized men’s sunglasses are perfect for driving and sports activities that require a high degree of visual acuity.

These square acetate frames are also great for outgoing types, who like to live under the sun. The slightly curved lens ensures better sun protection from all sides, which is essential when spending many hours outdoors.


Polarized Dark Navy Sunglasses by Polaroid – Get yours here!

4. Cool Metal Navigators by Dolce & Gabbana

Price: $99

Inspired by the aviator shape, the navigators bring a vintage touch with a modern twist. Their squared lenses make them well-suited for those with round or fuller faces, while the double-bar aesthetic simply says that you mean business.

Snatch these versatile D&G men’s sunglasses frames before they run out (especially if you have a cool mustache to go with them)!


D&G Black Metal Navigators – Get them here!

5. Cool Bean Wayfarers by Lacoste

Price: $92

Whether you’re a long-time fan of the crocodile brand or if you’re simply looking for a pair of quality sunglasses under 100, these funky shades will not disappoint you.

Thanks to their streamlined design, these Lacoste sunglasses in durable acetate have a polished look that’s completed by the snazzy vibe of the tropical-colored lenses.




Colorful & Cool Wayfarers by Lacoste – Get them here!

Best Affordable Men’s Sunglasses Under $125

We know you’re been looking all over the web for a place to buy cheap designer sunglasses & this is why we’ve made an extensive list, to include all budgets.

If you’re determined to get the best value for money designer sunglasses, why not throw in a few extra bucks & choose from hundreds of styles by top designers? Browse our curated selection and pick your favorite head-turning frames!


1. Gold & Black Metal Aviators by Burberry

Price: $108

Not one that’s easy to come by, this Burberry men’s sunglasses frame is at once elegant and forward-looking. The gradient lens of this sophisticated metal frame will give you that mysterious look, while the double-bar accentuates your gaze.

Don’t miss a chance to shine in this pair – just bring your attitude & they’ll do the rest!


Burberry Aviators in Black & Gold – Grab a pair here!

2. Flat Lens Wayfarers by Polo Ralph Lauren

Price: $115

These skinny wayfarers in flat lenses are a hipster’s dream. The super lightweight frame comes in slim jet black acetate and features flat gray lenses and a keyhole bridge.

This means they don’t block your peripheral vision nor distort color hues, which makes them ideal for driving. Bag a bargain on these cool designer frames and show your colors in style.


Ralph Lauren Wayfarers – Get them here!

3. Timeless Men’s Sunglasses by Prada

Price: $115

While you’re not likely to find Prada sunglasses under $100, this is definitely one of the best finds of brand-new designer sunglasses. This versatile frame shape is best suited for oval, round and oblong faces.

These exquisitely fashionable men’s sunglasses frame comes in subtle tortoise shell pattern, with an easygoing rectangular shape that can easily be matched with chinos, tailored trousers or even beachwear.


Men’s Prada Tortoiseshell Sunglasses – Grab a bargain here!

4. Round Lens Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

Price: $119

A classic frame in a re-interpreted version: these metal wire-frame Ray-Bans never get old. This men’s sunglasses style is as popular today as it was in the 70s, thanks to its clean design and durability. Their quality construction make this pair an easy investment piece for your wardrobe!

The urban camouflage edition in gray-blue lenses brings a fresh touch to this legendary frame, ironically making it easier than ever to stand out through subtle details.


Round Camouflage Ray Ban Sunglasses – Find them here!

5. Tortoiseshell Sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana

Price: $121

This may not be news to you, but you are losing style by not wearing tortoise shell sunglasses! The classic horn-rimmed look comes in many shades of amber and we love the upscale flair of this Havana D&G men’s frame with bold, green lenses.

This is an investment piece that will stay relevant for years to come, so if the style speaks to you, get yourself a pair of these discount men’s designer sunglasses before they’re gone.


best sunglasses under 100-men-dolce-gabbana

Green Lens Tortoiseshell Frames by D&G – Get them here!

*Bonus! Under $75 Shades

Carrera Men’s Aviators Sunglasses

If you’ve got this far, you’re probably dedicated to finding the best affordable men’s sunglasses, so we can share this little secret with you.



Carrera Champion Sunglasses – available here

These bold Carrera Champion Aviators are made from top quality acetate and feature a slightly sloping browline than flatters men with round and square faces. The oversized shape is ideal if you’re avoiding unwanted attention, giving you even better protection from the sun’s rays.


Carrera Champion Sunglasses – Get them here!

It’s a low-cost fashion frame, that won’t bother your frugal ways, with a modern shape and a metallic detail that adds a ton of coolness!

Didn’t see something you like? Check out more sunglasses under $75!

Best Men’s Designer Sunglasses Under $150

We’ve saved out top range designer sunglasses for last, so read on to find the best price on designer sunglasses by Persol, Versace, Ray-Ban and more!

1. Double Bridge Designer Sunglasses by Versace

Price: $126

Fear not, one of the best men’s sunglasses trends of this season is here – and it’s not going anywhere soon. These fierce double bar men’s aviators will spice up your conversations and get the action going when you least expect it.

Look out for the neat Versace detailing on the arms and you’ll realize that this one of a kind piece of fashion is not to be missed!


Double Bridge Versace Men’s Sunglasses – See more pictures here!

2. Round Tortoiseshell Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

Price: $140

If you’re the kind of guy that likes to stand out with class, then this horn-rimmed men’s frame is the ultimate accessory for you. These round wayfarers never scream for attention, yet they get all the looks in the room.

The effortlessly cool, vintage charm that Ray-Ban has perfected over the years makes these round men’s sunglasses some of the most wanted frames in their collection. Perfect for square & angular faces, this model is also available in black with green lenses.


Horn Rimmed Ray Ban Sunglasses for Men – Get yours here!

Discover the cheapest Ray-Bans in our online collection!

3. Metal Wireframe Sunglasses by Burberry

Price: $145

Looking to inject some manly vibes in your day-to-day outfit combinations? This angular metal sunglasses frame might just be the best at this task, with its refreshed lines and sophisticated allure.

Burberry is known for making clean, understated designs that impress fashionable men and ladies alike & this reinvented clubmaster sunglasses frame is the perfect example of what they stand for.


Burberry Metal Wireframe Clubmaster Men’s Sunglasses – Grab them here!

4. Skinny Horn-Rimmed Sunglasses by Persol

Price: $145

Italian sunglasses manufacturer Persol makes high-tech eyewear guided by strong design principles. This lightweight frame is one of their most popular models and for good reason.

The eloquent silhouette of this tortoiseshell frame is bound to leave a lasting impression. The dark lenses of the highest quality protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation and are made of tempered glass, ensuring your eyes are protected in all situations.


Persol Men’s Sunglasses – Get them here!

5. Bold & Luxurious Men’s Sunglasses by Versace

Price: $147

Versace is a designer brand that’s notable for its ability to pull innovative luxurious designs year after year since 1970. This men’s sunglasses frame is a prime example of their excellent design efforts, as it’s crafted in flexible acetate derived from cottonseed, which gives it exceptional durability.


Versace VE4319 Brown Tortoiseshell Men’s Sunglasses – Get them here!

Part of the Versace Rock Icons collection, these impressive men’s sunglasses are also available in dark green & mirrored lenses.

where can i find cheap designer sunglasses

Versace Rock Icons Collection – See more men’s sunglasses by Versace

Do you have a bit more budget to spend, but still want to keep it light on the wallet? Check out these under $200 designer shades!

Closing Thoughts

Nowadays it’s easy to find an attractive pair of designer sunglasses in which you can invest without feeling guilty.

If you’re after cheap authentic sunglasses, make sure you know how to tell real designer sunglasses from fake knock-offs to save yourself the disappointment of buying a replica from an unauthorized seller. Always choose verified sites and look for top quality brands to make sure you get the best designs that will outlive the trends.

For more fashion inspiration, check out our entire collection for more 

inexpensive designer sunglasses that don’t look cheap!

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