Trend Alert: The Best Mirrored Sunglasses Brands to Style in 2017!

Best mirrored sunglasses 2017

Mirrored sunglasses is the eyewear trend that took Instagram by storm! With eye-candy glamorous lenses, they make a strong fashion statement, giving you the drop of color you need to stand out! And this year is no exception to this trend, for both men and women!

Thanks to these beauties, celebrity selfies became little rainbows flowing across Instagram! So, to level up your eyewear game 2017 ready, we prepared you a sneak peek at the hottest trends in mirror eyewear for this year.

Find out what are the top shapes, brands, and colors that trend along with mirrored sunglasses and pick your perfect pair!

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What Are Mirrored Sunglasses?

With a reflective coating on the lenses, mirrored sunglasses, also called reflective sunglasses, pick up the light and tone shades from around you. Thus, they offer you a unique, colorful look to wear any time of the day. Mirrored glasses come in sorts of colors. You have the liberty to choose from pink, blue, green or gray, depending on your personal preferences.

what are mirrored sunglasses

Dior Metallic Mirror

While they appear like small mirrors, the lenses give the wearer’s vision a brownish or gray tint, decreasing the amount of light passing through the tinted lenses. This particular feature makes them perfect for higher altitudes and weather conditions that involve sand, water or snow.

The mirroring ability of the eyewear won’t be influenced by the color tint you decide on. They are quite stylish and you can spot them miles away!

What are Mirrored Sunglasses Called?

Originally designed for police officers in the late 40s in the United States, they are usually called “cop shades” or reflective sunglasses.

They have two most popular styles:

  • dual lenses set in metal frames (easily confused with the famous Aviators)
  • wrap-around, a popular accessory for extreme sports enthusiasts (with single, semi-circular lens that covers both eyes, combined with a minimal plastic frame and a single piece of plastic nose pad)

When Were Mirrored Sunglasses Invented?

john lenon mirror round sunglasses

This reflective shades were originally worn by military pilots in the 40s and later become a cultural phenomenon.

Thanks to Janis Joplin and John Lennon, the musicians that rock them at the Woodstock festival in the 60s, mirrored sunglasses are still a bold fashion movement that instantly adds dimension to any look.

This style was been around for years, but designers are often reinventing it, making them an almost evergreen fashion feature. This season, let your basic black shades rest and shield your eyes with mirror sunglasses!



How are Mirrored Lenses Made?

While the simplest version of mirror coating is prone to scratching, more modern ones come in handy with several alternating layers with a specific thickness.

Made of dielectric materials and metals, they are corrosion resistant, unlike the simplest version which is usually made with a single layer of deposited thin film, prepared by the ion beam, sputter or vapor deposition.

How Do Mirrored Sunglasses Work?

Mirrored sunglasses work by having lenses with a reflective coating applied in a very thin, sparse layer. So thin that it’s called a half-silvered surface. The reflective molecules coat the glass so sparsely that only about half the molecules needed to make the glass an opaque mirror are applied. The half-silvered surface will reflect about half the light that strikes its surface while letting the other half go straight through.

Mirrored sunglasses provide 100% protection against the sunlight and reduce the amount of light that enters your eyes. The strength of sun absorption can be controlled by adjusting the amount of color additive. By varying the type and amount of colorant additive or coating, a large variety of lenses can be produced.

Reflective or flash lenses have multi-layer antireflective coatings and they usually consist of metallic particles. Thanks to these metallic coatings, mirrored sunglasses reflect all colors of light and UV radiation as well. The color you can see on the finished lens represents which portion of the visible spectrum is being transmitted. If your lenses are dark yellowish, they absorb violet, blue, and probably some UV rays. But there are also the reflective types without metallic coatings that create a coloring effect.

More than that, you don’t need to worry they will change your color perception at all. The truth is, you will notice no difference whatsoever.

Why Wear Mirrored Sunglasses in 2017?

How do you know what’s trending? Look around you: every celebrity under the sun is wearing them. Mirrored sunglasses are officially in!


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The greatest trends are all over the runways, taking everybody’s attention. Reflective lenses, those protective pieces that look like little mirrors is the trend that takes over the ensembles! The sunglasses are commonly known as accessories and that’s exactly what they do: put an accent on the outfit and totally transform it.

This year, mirrored sunglasses are fashionable and accentuate successfully individualism and extravagance. They go beyond simple functionality. If you wear glasses, you know for sure that frames can make or break your entire appearance. That makes them an utterly important piece in your wardrobe.


What Is So Special About Mirrored Sunglasses?

Even if there will always be someone bothered by your reflective lenses, this is exactly what sets them apart! Those around you can use them as moving little mirrors. Other than that, they look stunning in photographs and they’ve taken Instagram by storm!

How come? It’s attention-grabbing and still, keeps the mystery. If you want to extrude confidence or simply show others that you mean business, mirrored glasses are a fit for you.

The same goes if you’re planning to go to a music festival and still don’t know which pair of sunglasses to take. Those heart-shaped bright reflective ones are a blast.

Or you can take Gigi’s Hadid example. She brought her sassy pair to Coachella and pair them with a comfy funny t-shirt.

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How can you wear mirror shades?


mirror sunglasses beyonce

mirrored sunglasses on Beyonce

This look-at-me sunglasses style play well with prints and all sorts of patterns but you can also use them as the pop of color your outfit needs to stand out. Don’t be afraid to mix colors or textures when wearing a pair of mirrored lenses.

They provide added dimension to your look and give you that cool touch you need to rock any basic outfit at any given occasion!

Spotted on celebrities like Beyonce, Cara Delevigne or entire Kardashian-Jenner clan, mirrored sunglasses are here to stay and rock the 2017 street style.




What Mirror Sunglasses Shapes are in Style?

From classic frames styles, like Wayfarers and Aviators to retro shapes like cat-eye and oversized eyewear, mirrored sunglasses are boasting and successfully mixing a little 60’s and 80’s with modern materials and future-like patterns.


A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on They can be monochromatic or with oil-slick rainbow effects and still stay youthful and perfect for summer. The style selection comes through in the choice of frame. If you prefer to be more conservative with colors and matching outfits, go wild with the frames and select a style that represents you. Here are the most amazing shapes of all time that still do the talking in fashion eyewear.

The style selection comes through in the choice of frame. If you prefer to be more conservative with colors and matching outfits, go wild with the frames and select a style that represents you.

Here are the most amazing shapes of all time that still do the talking in fashion eyewear:

1. Aviator Mirrored Sunglasses

One of the most iconic eyeglasses model ever made, Aviator sunglasses have reached a cult-level popularity within the modern fashion circuit. The classic look they envision gets a boost with bright, flash lenses.

best mirrored sunglasses 2017

Dior Technologic Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses

Usually made from metal, having a double or a triple bridge with large, teardrop-shaped lenses, the trendier version comes with fresh details, such as rimmed dual-tone acetate that complement the mirrored lenses.

Ray-Ban RB 3136 Navigator mirrored sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB 3136 Navigator sunglasses – Get yours here!

If you’re looking for a futuristic model, try round lens aviator mirror sunglasses. With translucent frames and soft muted colors, this combination of retro with futuristic steals the show.

Michael Kors Sadie Mirrored Sunglasses

Michael Kors Sadie Mirrored sunglasses – Get yours here!

Orlando Bloom and Robert Pattinson are some of the celebrities that embrace their round lens aviators, boasting a high-fashion trendsetting look in 2017.

2. Round Mirror Sunglasses

They add a fresh and modern approach to the already cool classic style of frame. It all began when John Lennon rocked them at outdoor festivals, developing a truly iconic style for vintage enthusiasts.

dolce gabbana mirrored sunglasses

Dolce & Gabbana DG 4176 – Get yours here!

Round mirrored sunglasses have been spotted on many celebrities and fashion icons around the world. These red sunglasses with polka-dots are perfect for a casual, outgoing look.


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3. Wayfarers Mirror Sunglasses

What makes Wayfarers frames so popular is their versatile style, making your appearance truly memorable. They go with everything, from urban streetwear to business suit and tie outfits.

Ray-Ban RB 2132 Wayfarer mirrored sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB 2132 Wayfarer sunglasses – Get yours here!

This kind of frames look good on almost everyone and you can now rock them with rainbow flash lenses as well! Given their celebrity among actors and artists, you don’t have to worry they’ll go out of style.

4. Flat-Tops With Reflective Shades

Flat top sunglasses are very masculine and combine the modern futuristic style with the vintage oversized and retro look. Go for purple sunglasses lenses if you want to stand between royalty and futurism.



flat tops ray ban mirrored sunglasses

Ray Ban RB 3471 Shield sunglasses – Get yours here!

If you’re all about mystery and confidence, the sex-appeal flat-tops give can be equaled only with mirrored flat-tops!

flat top tom ford mirrored aviator sunglasses

Tom Ford TF 447 Jacob – Get yours here!

Choose a statement color that naturally boosts your confidence and rock them all summer long!

flat top versace mirrored shield sunglasses

Versace VE 2166 Shield sunglasses – Get yours here!


5. Clubmaster Mirrored Sunglasses

Known as browline eyeglasses as well, the Clubmaster frames are linked with the practical style you get from lightweight frames that shout retro. This sophisticated yet popular model hits a new level with mirror lensed sunglasses. Already loved for their browline construction statement, the Clubmasters have a significant impact on the recent fashion scene with colorful, reflective lenses.


What Mirror Lens Colors are Trending?

Even if you can choose almost any color you like, we have some advice for you. There are some shades that help reduce color distortion more than others. For that feature, try gray, brown, red or green mirrored lenses.

On the other side, there are the amber sunglasses, proving their capacity to enhance object definition. This superpower makes them perfect for athletes like skiers or pilots. If you’re looking for protection against UV rays, we recommend you see an optician that can advise you correctly about the color lens that suits your needs best. But if you don’t have a special request, go wild with the colors of the rainbow and here the top two:


Blue Mirrored Sunglasses – 2017’s Favorite

You can choose whatever color you fancy the most, but keep in mind mirror sunglasses are a fashion statement.

Blue is taking over!

Ray Ban blue mirrored aviator sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB 3025 Aviator sunglasses – Get yours here!

This shade reduces glare and increases contrast, enhancing your vision in bright conditions. You can match them with complementing colors like orange shades or reddish ones for a modern outstanding look. Rock them at the beach and match them with the ocean’s waves!

Dolce & Gabanna DG 2149 Mirrored Aviator sunglasses

Dolce & Gabanna DG 2149 Mirrored Aviator sunglasses

Metallic Pink, Gold and Silver Mirror lenses

Besides the blue sunnies, gold and silver mirrored sunglasses are the metallic accents you want in your outfit!

dior so real mirrored sunglasses in gold

Dior So Real sunglasses – Get yours here!

Fashionable and cool, match them with simpler outfits for a sophisticated look.

Michael Kors Fiji Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses

Michael Kors Fiji sunglasses – Get yours here!

Top 10+ Designer Mirrored Sunglasses Trending in 2017

1. Dior Mirror Sunglasses

Dior Statement Mirrored Sunglasses For Fashion Enthusiasts – Are you looking to splurge on a good quality statement pair of sunglasses? You can’t miss Dior Aviators. As a high-end designer, Dior has the ability to clear the grayest of the clouds and woo the entire audience.

Dior Technologic Mirrored sunglasses

Dior Technologic Mirrored sunglasses

With extended brow bar and silver-tone metal open-worked frame, Dior shiny technologic mirror sunglasses offer you an extravagant look that can be successfully paired with glamor outfits.

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Dior So Real Mirror Sunglasses

A true couture piece, Dior So Real gathers innovation and tradition in an inspired contemporary reconstruction of retro.

This style is unique, with a directional hand-welded frame that holds the acetate face. With an arch of a brow bar, Dior So Real proves to have a truly architectural look with minimalistic accents.

rihanna mirror sunglasses dior

Rihanna wearing Dior So real – Get yours here!

Dior blue mirrored So real sunglasses

Black Mirrored Blue Dior So Real – Get yours here!

The mirrored lenses are painted by hand and therefore a unique piece in your wardrobe.

Dior Mirrored Sunglasses

Dior Mirrored sunglasses – Get yours here!

2. Ray-Ban Mirror Sunglasses

The first impressive style ever paired with mirrored lenses is the round frame.

Ray-Ban managed to make this model look cool and hipsterish, giving the original frames a face lift with bright flash lenses.

ray ban mirrored wayfarer sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB 4221 Mirrored sunglasses – Get yours here!

Being the most worn eyewear designer in the last decade, Ray-Bans have always proved to be trendsetters! Besides that, blue mirrored sunglasses are among the most wearable eyewear there is.

Ray-Ban RB 4165 Mirrored Wayfarer sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB 4165 Mirrored Wayfarer sunglasses – Get yours here!

With matte gold frames, they’re perfect to take on a breezy day at the beach or at outdoor concerts. Life’s too short not to have Ray-Bans at hand!

ray ban mirrored round sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB 4171 round mirrored sunglasses – Get yours here!


3. Fendi Mirror Sunglasses

With a flimsy feel, these Fendi sunglasses have a peach brown frame color that goes perfectly with those rose mirrored lens. Remember that reflective coatings are a cool accent to wear.

Fendi FF 0177 Round Mirrored sunglasses

Fendi FF 0177 Mirrored sunglasses – Get yours here!

So grab a fancy beach bag and go steal everybody’s attention with this fashionable Fendi sunnies!

4. Michael Kors Aviator Mirror Sunglasses for a City Lover

Michael Kors find his inspiration walking around the city’s bright light and modernity. Thus, Michael Kors sunnies are a bestseller for a true city dweller.

Michael Kors mirrored aviator sunglasses

Michael KorsS MK 5006 Mirrored Aviators – Get yours here!

With special and standing out colors like blue and gold, you won’t definitely be just a face in a crowd.

michael kors gold mirrored aviator sunglasses

Michael Kors MK 1003 Fiji – Get yours here!

Michael Kors mirrored sunglasses will make you feel like a celebrity, try them out!

5. Prada Mirrored Sunglasses

Aviator inspired, these Prada delicate, comfy and elegant mirror sunglasses prove that the devil surely doesn’t wear Prada eyewear! With a long and overwhelming history in fashion, Prada has set high standards and wearing it is almost an unwritten fashion rule.

prada mirrored rimless aviator sunglasses

Prada SPS 50R Aviators – Get yours here!

prada mirrored sunglasses

Prada SPS 57Q sunglasses – Get yours here!

We would call these great driving glasses for men in any season. Those reflective light green lenses immediately took our soul near the ocean!

6. Tom Ford Mirror Sunglasses

Tom Ford has a soft spot for contemporary art and retro accents and this can be seen in his sunglasses collection.

tom ford mirrored Aviator sunglasses

Tom Ford TF 144 Aviator sunglasses- Get yours here!

With blue mirrored lens and classic frames with fantastic lines, Tom Ford sunnies look sensational and stand out, being one of the hottest accessories that can be seen on and off the red carpet.

Tom Ford mirror sunglasses on celebrity

Brad Pitt wearing Tom Ford mirror sunglasses source: Google

Some of their celebrity fans are Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Rihanna, George Clooney, and even controversial dressers Kayne and Lady Gaga.

tom ford mirrored sunglasses

Tom Ford TF 454 Tamara sunglasses – Get yours here!


7. Dolce & Gabbana Mirrored Navigators

The D&G mirrored Navigators are a much masculine version of the Aviators. This oversized pair of frames offers you the retro sparkle you can use at photo shoots and fashion events.


dolce gabbana navigator mirrored sunglasses

Dolce & Gabbana DG 2142 Navigators


dolce gabbana sunglasses

Dolce & Gabanna DG 2150-B Shield sunglasses – Get yours here!

Dolce & Gabbana larger reflective lenses are perfect for a man who enjoys being in the center of attention and the spotlight is his closest friend!


8. Spy Progressive Mirrored Sunglasses

Vintage inspired sunglasses with strong lines and spectacular red mirrored lens, Spy sunglasses make you look super-rad and fashionable.

spy square mirrored sunglasses

SPY Helm sunglasses – Get yours here!

You can say that the Spy brand almost has an obsession for progression and fashion forward.

spy mirrored sunglasses

SPY Alpha sunglasses – Get yours here!

Spy designs combine sporty apparel with youth energy and take you to the intersection of retro design with modern innovation.

9. Lacoste Red Mirrored Sunglasses

Classic and also stylish, Lacoste is a lifestyle brand with eyewear that exhibits great and playful elegance!
lacoste mirrored aviator sunglasses

Lacoste LA 135S Aviator sunglasses – Get yours here!

With the best materials and technology, Lacoste sunglasses come in high-quality designs and top the game with magnificent blue mirrored lens. Perfect for festival goers!

Lacoste L789S Mirrored Sunglasses

Lacoste L789S Mirrored sunglasses – Get yours here!

Responsible for revolutionizing men’s fashion with the Lacoste polo shirt, their eyewear models are no way different. With bright matte red and orange classic frame shapes, Lacoste mirror sunglasses are a great fit for festivals, street fashion events or vacations at the beach!

10. Versace’s Luxurious Mirrored Sunglasses

Versace is well-known for the way it uses the new and unexpected materials, extruding inspiration and uniqueness.

versace mirrored shield sunglasses

Versace VE 2166 Shield sunglasses – Get yours here!

The label is a luxurious glamor brand that always cut the edge of sophistication and elegance.

versace mirrored aviator sunglasses

Versace VE 2160 Aviator sunglasses – Get yours here!

With subtle curves and clean lines, the metal frames are corrosion resistant, strong and can be easily adjusted. This model features an Aviator shape with double bridge and light brown mirrored dark gold, making it perfect for vintage lovers.

A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on


11. Police Mirrored Sunglasses

The Police is a worldwide recognized brand for its stylish and distinctive fashion brands. Inspired by the eyewear worn by police officers back in the 80s, it extrudes confidence and boldness.

Police Mirrored Aviator sunglasses

Police S8746M Mirrored Aviators – Get yours here!


This Wayfarer inspired model marked a break from the metal sunglasses of the time. The shape is edgy and ensures a hip intellectual look along with the yellow mirrored lenses that add a breath of fresh air.

12. Burberry Aviator Sunglasses

You are not allowed to appreciate fashion without absolutely love Burberry!

With 150-year heritage balancing classic and modern design and known for their classic and understated look, the British designer eyewear range highlights individualism and independence.

burberry mirrored cat eye sunglasses

Burberry BE 4186 Mirrored sunglasses – Get yours here!

Burberry sunglasses wearers are sophisticated and modern, perfect for the urban trendsetter.

How Do You Clean Mirrored Sunglasses and Keep them as New?

The mirrored sunglasses are a great accessory that protects you against sunlight.

If you use them frequently as you have to in the summertime, they can become pretty dirty. To keep them clean and clear, you need to use tissues or handkerchiefs to wipe your mirror sunglasses.

They are soft enough so you don’t have to worry they will get scratched. Use only two sprays of window cleaner and pay attention to not harm the mirrored film. Use your thumb and forefinger and gently wipe the lens.

Are Mirrored Sunglasses Safe For Eyes?

Yes, you guessed that right!

Not only they are fashionable and all the celebrities love them, but they’re making you more comfortable as well.

Mirror-coated lenses limit the amount of light entering your eyes. Keep that in mind when you decide to go for some outdoor activities. Mirrored sunglasses are best in very bright conditions such as snow skiing or a very hot summer day!

Remember that if you’re considering reflective mirror lenses, the base tint may not always be the same as the reflective coating. If your base tint is gray, the activities you can enjoy in mirror lenses are the same as you can enjoy in regular gray lenses. That gives a broad array of choices.

One of the base tint colors that provide you multiple benefits in many settings is yellow. With yellow mirrored lenses you can enjoy crisp vision while cutting glare and still hiding your eyes! Choosing the color of the mirror coating will be your personal decision and you can go wild with that, the sky is your limit!

What Are Mirrored Sunglasses’ Pros and Cons?


Here are these reflective shades’ benefits – both for appearance and health:

  • Reduce light and overall brightness, so are great for those who are sensitive to light.
  • Reduces glare and improves contrast. This is an excellent advantage for people who are driving, snowboarding or swimming or finding themselves in misty, foggy or snowy conditions.
  • Protects you from UV rays, being available with varying degrees of UV protection.
  • Preserve normal color balance.
  • Avoid eye contact. Bad nights and hangovers have nothing on mirrored sunglasses! No one can look the wearer directly in the eye.
  • A variety of colors. Mirror sunglasses come in many colors that suit any outfit or personality.


Choosing mirrored sunglasses in spite of the regular non-reflective ones is a fashion-based decision and no one can tell you otherwise.

Mirrored sunglasses are safe and not bad for your eyes whatsoever.

Anyhow, there is one small detail people can go crazy over. The mirror coating can get pretty annoying and uncomfortable for your fellow friends that will be kinda forced to see themselves in the mirror all the time. Nowadays, it seems that you can always spot yourself in someone’s flash lenses.

Making eye contact is mission impossible!


Can You Get Prescription Mirrored Sunglasses?

Mirrored sunglasses are this year’s must-have and you can also get them with prescription.

You can order mirror finish with your prescription glasses, looking after your health and your personal style at once. All you have to do is order a standard or polarized tint first and then

All you have to do is order a standard or polarized tint first and then add mirror coating to your sunglasses. You can choose whatever shape of eyeglasses fits your style and face size best. Square, round, Aviator, Clubmaster, all of these can be made into mirrored sunglasses!

Keep in mind that mirror coating is useful in water sports. A blue mirror is great on the water, blocking the blue coming into your eyes and protecting you against the sun. Are you a swimming lover? Choose prescription mirrored sunglasses!

Where can you buy Mirror Sunglasses?

Do you have a favorite pair of mirror sunglasses yet?

There are thousands of models and colors you can choose from. Get inspired by the rainbow’s colors and be prepared to get tons of compliments!

Here are a broad collection of designer mirror sunglasses for men and for women that are trending this year.

Eyewearconnection has it all: from designer Aviators to fashionable Ray Bans, you’ll definitely fall in love with at least one. Take a look and pick the perfect ones for you!

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