The Best Prada Sunglasses: 25+ iconic collection frames of 2017

best prada sunglasses

Prada sunglasses have been popular for while now and are considered amongst the best designer frames that money can buy. Their unique design, beautiful colorways, and high quality have made Prada Eyewear the go-to brand for men and women who know how to appreciate fashion.

So, if you are set on making a statement with your frames, then they’re the best way to do it. Just think about it – even the devil wears Prada.

We’ve rounded up the best new Prada sunglasses models that you can rock all the way into 2017. Check them out!

Fortunately for fashion enthusiasts, Prada frames are unisex, equally stylish on both men and women and there’s no shortage of cool designs!

Here are the best Prada sunglasses:

1. Prada Cat Eye Sunglasses

Prada sunglasses encompass a wide range of styles.

However, none is more popular than Prada’s cat eye sunglasses. Considered royalty in women’s accessories, the cat eye sunglasses will never go out of style!

prada cat eye sunglasses

Prada SPR 11R, Black Semi-Rimless Cat Eye Sunglasses – Price: $203 – Get yours here!

Prada cat eye sunglasses come in a variety of models, such as SPR 11R, a beautiful half rim frame.

This semi-rimless model has thick white arms, an upper frame made of acetate and a lower frame where the lenses are held together by metal.

Prada Black Cat Eye Sunglasses

Prada SPR 08R, a Black Cat Eye Sunglasses – Price $186 – Get yours here!

If you are looking for something classic your best bet is the Prada SPR 08R, a black Cat Eye Sunglasses model. This model is essentially the original black cat eye frame. The acetate frame is all black, a great match for women who dress smart often.

Prada Cinema SPR 09Q Sunglasses

Prada Cinema SPR 09Q, a Modern Cat Eye Sunglasses – Price $212 – Get yours here!

Finally, for the women who are looking for a modern touch in their eyewear, we recommend the Prada Cinema SPR 09Q is a pair of tortoise shell cat eye sunglasses with a straight metal browline.

These babies preserve the cat eye silhouette and build upon it by adding a metal browline and a metal bridge. The acetate frame is held together by metal elements which emphasize the modern look of the frame.

Prada Heritage Cat Eye Sunglasses

prada black heritage cat eye sunglasses

Prada Heritage Cat Eye Sunglasses – Price $169 – Get yours here!

Another great option is the Cat Eye from the Heritage collection. Drawing heavily from retro and vintage influences, the Heritage collection brings new models and releases that have a unique classic style with a modern twist.

The frame has the cat-eye silhouette in matte black with small triangle shaped pin rivet hinges on the temples. The arms are thick and engraved with the Prada logo on the side. This one is a frame for the connoisseurs.

2. Prada Aviator Sunglasses

What happens when you pair the most popular eyewear silhouette in the world with a top designer? You get the Prada Aviator and it’s pretty hard to find anything more impressive.

For Women

Originally a frame for men, the Aviator has broken gender restrictions and is now a very popular style for women. Prada’s Aviator sunglasses for women are an artistic interpretation of this classic model.

Prada SPR 14S Black Aviator Sunglasses for Women

Prada Aviator sunglasses – Price $350 – Get yours here!

The iconic teardrop lenses are protected by a thick acetate frame which is held together by a metal bridge and browline. The frame has a curved browline, also reminiscent of the classic Aviator design.

The Prada Aviator sunglasses for women are best worn in black to enhance your elegant style and fashionable outfits.

For Men

Prada sunglasses for men reflect masculinity and attention to detail. A man who is careful with how he dresses will always look for a new signature piece that speaks to his style.

However, nothing beats a classic and that’s why the best Prada Aviator sunglasses for men stay true to their roots.

Prada SPR 51R Aviator Sunglasses for Men

Prada Aviator sunglasses – Price $191 – Get yours here!

The all metal frame retains the classic aviator silhouette while the arms thicker than other models. This accounts for stability and safety so you’ll never have to worry that your frames will break. However, all that metal will make the frame heavy – a trait that some men seem to appreciate.

For those who want a light frame, we recommend the rimless Prada aviator sunglasses.

prada rimless aviator sunglasses for men

Prada SPS 50P Rimless Aviator Sunglasses – Price $165 – Get yours here!

The teardrop lenses are held together only by the slim metal arms and a metal bridge. It’s a minimalistic frame, a testament to Prada’s ability to create beautiful simple designs. To be handled with care.

3. Prada Round Sunglasses

Prada Round Sunglasses are for both men and women. The round sunglass is usually regarded as a playful frame best suited for creative people with free spirits who want to express themselves through style.

For Women

Prada Baroque

Probably the best known round silhouette is that of the Prada Baroque Sunglasses.

SPR 08T Baroque Sunglasses

Prada Baroque sunglasses – Get yours here!

Inspired by the artistic period of the Italian Baroque, these Prada sunglasses are special in every way.

Prada SPR 08T Baroque

Prada Baroque sunglasses – Get yours here!

The round Prada Sunglasses are held together by a high-quality acetate frame. What’s really impressive however is the design of the arms.

Characterized by the excessive ornamentation, the Prada Baroque frame is also referred to as the “swirl sunglasses” due the swirl and complexity of the ornaments on the arms. They are beautifully sculpted and can be regarded as a true work of art.


SPR 07T round sunglasses

Prada SPR 07T Sunglasses

If you are looking for something even bolder, the SPR 07T sunglasses or SPR 23N are highly ornamented with eye-catching decorations. The SPR 07 T has metal plaques attached to the temples, arms, and browline to emphasize the surprising curves of the frame.

Prada SPR 23N tortoise shell sunglasses

Prada SPR 23N Sunglasses

The Prada SPR 23N is an all acetate sunglasses frame with multiple colored layers. The base is brown-yellow tortoise shell on which nuances of black and red are applied. The excessive decorations make these frame a real fashion statement.

For those who seek out a simple frame, we suggest Prada’s round metal sunglasses. This beautiful model is simple in its design.



prada round metal sunglasses in tortoise shell

Prada SPR 51S Round Metal Sunglasses – Price $190 – Get yours here!

The thin round frame is held together by a metal bridge and browline. Like the frame, the arms are also thin and made of metal.

Overall, the frame is painted in a discreet tortoise shell pattern.

For Men

Men, you can go for an even more stripped down version such as these Prada rimless round mirrored sunglasses.

prada round sunglasses for men

Prada SPS 54R Mirrored Round Sunglasses – Price $175

The advantage of this frame is its light composure.

By eliminating as much material as possible, Prada has conceived a beautiful round frame supported only by the metal arms and bridge. The Prada mirrored lenses guarantee the best protection from UV rays.

Very minimalistic, these Prada round sunglasses are a great choice if you are looking for a practical, unsophisticated frame.

Prada SPR 68O semi rimless round sunglasses

Prada SPR 68O Semi Rimless Round Sunglasses – Price $169 – Get yours here!

For the sophisticated man, Prada’s semi-rimless round sunglasses should be of interest.

The lines, the materials, and the colorway, all speak of distinction and uniqueness. The upper part is a mixture of black acetate and a metal bar that unites the two halves.

These round sunglasses for men are a game change in terms of originality.

4. Prada Square Sunglasses

Square sunglasses are cool and stylish, a great choice for those with round and heart shaped faces. Prada square sunglasses come in all shapes, sizes, and colorways and have surprising and beautiful designs.

For Women

First up are the Prada square sunglasses for women.

Thinking ahead as always, Prada provides the Baroque style for those who choose square frames.

Square prada baroque sunglasses

Prada Square Baroque Sunglasses – Price $189 – Get yours here!

The square Prada frame preserves all the characteristics of its round sister, the only change being the form of the lenses.

 Prada SPR 32P Square tortoise shell sunglasses

Prada SPR 32P – Price $170 – Get yours here!

A bolder choice is the Prada square tortoiseshell sunglasses. The thick framed painted in the tortoise shell pattern could be the perfect fit for a fashion sensitive woman.

One of the finest Prada square sunglasses is this beautiful frame in the wooden finish. You can tell these are designer glasses because they look like nothing you’ve ever seen before:


Prada SPR 30R Square Sunglasses

Prada SPR 30R Square Sunglasses – Price $306 – Get yours here!

Part of the Prada Raw collection, this ebony Malabar square frame with gray lenses is an exquisite rare model.

The nose bridge and browline are made of metal. The rest of the frame and some parts of the arms are “dressed” in a wooden finish.

This interesting twist is bound to draw attention and compliments. It’s an instant head turner.



For Men

Men want to inspire masculinity so, if turning heads it’s not your style, then you can go with a more discreet square Prada black frame.


Prada black square modern sunglasses for men

Prada SPR 02S Black Square Sunglasses – Price $149 – Get yours here!

Emulate the look of a movie star without all the hassle and the paparazzi. The Prada lenses are stylishly grained to provide an attractive contrast.

These thick all acetate Prada black sunglasses for men are cool and imposing. They can be matched with almost any outfit and will be a great addition to your collection.

prada matte black square sunglasses for men

Prada SPR 04S F Square Sunglasses – Price $175 – Get yours here!

You can also go for a matte black Prada square frame. The Prada SPR 04S F are made from a blend of acetate and metal in a matte finish. They look masculine and mature, the best pick for a man who’s about his business and also wants to look good.

5. Prada Oversized Sunglasses

Almost any sunglasses shape can be turned oversized.

A favorite of celebrities, Prada oversized sunglasses are the must have designer sunglasses that every fashionista should own.

If you are looking for an original frame, you should give the Prada oversized cat-eye sunglasses a shot. Besides being fundamentally cool, this cat eye frame is also colored in tortoise shell.


Prada Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses in Tortoise Shell

Prada SPR 10R Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses – Price $202 – Get yours here!

So you have three separate elements that when combined give you a unique look that’s hard to ignore.

Alternatively, you can try a pair of Prada oversized round sunglasses that will make you feel like a movie star.


Prada SPR 06R Oversized Round Sunglasses – Price $185 – Get yours here!

Painted in discreet black, these oversized round sunglasses are as much a practical necessity as a stylish accessory.

The oversized frame will protect your eyes from all possible angles while the smooth Prada design will compliment your facial features.

6. Prada Butterfly Sunglasses

The intriguing shape of butterfly sunglasses has made them a woman’s favorite.

It’s not a common style and that is why if you want to be original, Prada butterfly sunglasses are your best bet.

best prada-butterfly-sunglasses


Prada SPR 06S Black Butterfly Sunglasses – Price $175 – Get yours here!

These frames range from simple yet beautiful designs to more attractive and colorful ones. Butterfly sunglasses reflect the shape of a butterfly – narrow at the bridge and wider at the temples.




Prada SPR 05S Black Butterfly Sunglasses – Price $175 – Get yours here!


You can wear Prada butterfly sunglasses in black with smart, business outfits as well as with casual street style. Like the oversized sunglasses, this style is also widely associated with models and celebrities.

These designer sunglasses are a mix between acetate and metal with attractive curves and angles.

Prada butterfly sunglasses are the very definition of fashion statement eyewear.

7. Prada Havana Sunglasses

The Havana colorway is one of Prada’s most sought after models. Havana basically refers to the tortoise shell pattern which can be applied to any frame style or shape. The beautiful colorway is sported by both men and women who seek out original and unique styles.

For Women

Women often prefer their favorite shapes to be dressed in the Havana finish. Like these beautiful Prada Butterfly sunglasses in Havana.



Prada SPR Havana Sunglasses – Price $220 – Get yours here!

Their frowned browline is complimented by a double metal bridge with a saddle like nose. The blend of metal and acetate offers a unique contrast between the brown Havana pattern and the silver metal parts.


Prada Baroque Havana Sunglasses – Price $226 – Get yours here!

The iconic circle Prada Baroque also come in a Havana dressing that will have you complimenting your outfits in style. The swirls on the arms are decorated in bright yellow and dark brown.

For Men

Men love their tortoise shell sunglasses as much as women do. The Prada Havana pattern goes very well with square shades.


Prada SPR 03S Square Havana Sunglasses – Price $165 – Get yours here!

The slim, Prada SPR 03S sunglasses are more than a fashion statement. The flat browline and rectangular frame are dressed in the attractive Havana colorway.

They are a reflection of the man’s personality. It’s the perfect frame for you vacation time on a tropical island.

The Price of Prada Eyewear

A lot of people ask why Prada sunglasses are quite expensive and how are they better than a regularly priced brand. The reasons lie with the high-quality materials and innovative designs that go into the making of Prada eyewear.

Also, when you wear Prada, you make a fashion statement regarding your style – you rock only the very best in designer fashion and you appreciate designer accessories like a true piece of art.

Spending more money on a designer frame is a good, long-term investment in your eye health. A pair of designer shades can last you a long time if you take care of them. So while you might have to replace a cheap pair once a year, Prada frames will last you longer. Also, in the case of an accident, with the warranty, you receive when you buy the frames you won’t have to pay a lot, or none at all to repair your Prada sunglasses.

How are Prada sunglasses made?

Most Prada pieces are made in Italy, a trait that is mentioned somewhere on the inside of the frame’s arms. They are made from a variety of materials, amongst them high-quality acetate, metal alloys, leather and sometimes different stones.

The lenses’ advanced technology guarantees protection from harmful UV rays. A lot of cheap or fake pairs of sunglasses don’t have the much-needed UV protection and by wearing them you expose your eye to risk. Prada UV protection sunglasses guarantee that your eyes will be kept safe at all times.

How to make sure you’re not buying fake knock-offs?

When looking for designer pieces you must avoid fakes – they are made from poor quality materials and can harm your eyesight. If you are in doubt regarding a specific product you can read our guide on How to spot fake knock-off Prada sunglasses and check their authenticity yourself!

You should buy Prada eyewear only from authorized retailers or official stores. If you want to buy Prada sunglasses online then make sure the retailer is trustworthy by finding out if you will receive a certificate of authenticity. All our Prada sunglasses come with a certificate of authenticity.

Prada sunglasses are the best choice if you want to make a fashion statement with your glasses. The beautiful, original and forward-thinking design of Prada frames will compliment your style and attest to your taste in fashion and style.

Visit our collection to discover more styles of Prada sunglasses!

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