The Best Tom Ford Sunglasses for Men That Work on Any Face Shape

The Best Tom Ford Sunglasses For Men

Tom Ford sunglasses are synonymous with elegance and sophistication.

Often worn by celebrities and A-Listers, Tom Ford frames are high-end luxury pieces which separate the extraordinary from the regular. The glamor of Tom Ford’s luxury eyewear makes them one of the most popular brands out there.

Because we want you men looking your sharpest this summer, we’ve rounded up the hottest Tom Ford sunglasses for men. We also divided them by style to tell you which one matches your face shape. Ready for your next eyewear summer crush?

Why Should You Choose Tom Ford Sunglasses?

Want to look sensational and stand out from the crowd without the hassle of matching shirts and ties? Tom Ford knows and meets your desires with his natural and inimitable style.

He carved a brilliant career in haute couture fashion design over the years and his eyewear is still the number one choice of many celebrities.

best tom ford men sunglasses 2017

Whether it is sunglasses for women or for men, bags, suits or any other accessory, Tom Ford sits among the designers that revolutionized the face of the fashion industry.

With innovative and provocative designs that set the tone for an entirely new, unpredictable direction in the world of luxury eyewear, Tom Ford comes up with classic designs that have that twist that makes audiences go crazy.

The Most Popular Tom Ford Mens Sunglasses Shapes

If you’re looking for a style revamp, Tom Ford sunglasses are among the hottest accessories you can choose.

As one of the most popular and sophisticated eyewear brands, Tom Ford offers a diverse range of styles from their collection of frames.

1. Tom Ford Aviator Sunglasses

The bold character of Tom Ford frames is best underlined by the famous aviator sunglasses.

Tom Ford Aviators preserve the classic, familiar shape but builds on it with fashion forward elements. They can be squared, edgy, bold or wide in many variations depending on taste and style. Though originally designed for men, Tom Ford Aviators are a popular unisex style that flatters the wearer and offers a timeless look.

Tom Ford Charles Aviators

Tom Ford Charles Aviators

The Tom Ford Charles or Cliff sunglasses are the metal Aviator in its simplest form. They feature a silver metal sunglasses silhouette with the classic double bridge and iconic teardrop lens.

The Cliff sunglasses have very prominent, pointed teardrop lenses which create an interesting contrast within the double browline.



Tom Ford Cliff Aviators

Tom Ford Cliff Aviators – Get yours here!

While both Tom Ford aviator frames sit on adjustable nose pads and have the arms finished in high-quality acetate – for full comfort.

2. Tom Ford Oversized Aviators

For a bolder, more masculine look you can go for the full acetate Tom Ford aviators. Infused with a vintage twist, these beautiful frames are a great alternative all metal Tom Ford Aviators and have the high quality and timeless Tom Ford’s eyewear style.

Tom Ford Elliot Oversized Aviators

Tom Ford Elliot Aviators – Get yours here!

The flat top oversized aviator Elliot has a bolder look about it, looking to make an instant impression. Interestingly, the browline is made from a thin metal bar while the rest of the body is made from high-quality acetate.

The Tom Ford square oversized aviators have thick acetate arms and stylishly cover your face. The signature metal “T” on the arms is already an iconic detailed adored by every fashion victim.

Tom Ford Stacy Oversized Aviator Sunglasses

Tom Ford Stacy Aviators – Get yours here!

The intriguing Tom Ford Stacy sunglasses are innovative in that they lack a bridge. This unique modern feature makes them instantly attractive. They preserve an even balance between metal and acetate with the thin arms and connecting browline being all metal.

3. Tom Ford Wayfarer Sunglasses

In a successful reinterpretation of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, Tom Ford revolutionizes the now classic design.

Tom Ford Wayfarers feature a break from the conventional and surprise with a thicker, raw silhouette that completely changes the dynamic of your look.


Tom Ford Leo Wayfarer Sunglasses

Tom Ford Leo sunglasses – Get yours here!

Similar to the Tom Ford Henry vintage sunglasses, the shape is edgy and ensures a hip intellectual look, while successfully mixing a little 60’s and 80’s with modern materials and future-like patterns.

Tom Ford TF 237 Wayfarer sunglasses

Tom Ford Wayfarer sunglasses – Get yours now!

You can rock them in a variety of color palettes but we would recommend the classic Tom Ford black for a real style boost.

3. Tom Ford Oversized Sunglasses

Tom Ford’s oversized sunglasses can take many shapes and forms depending on what style you prefer. Wearing an oversized frame marks you out as a person who knows fashion and appreciates stylish accessories.

Tom Ford Square Oversized Sunglasses

Tom Ford Oversized Square Sunglasses – Get yours here!

A square oversized frame will work wonders for those people with round faces. Simple in its design these Tom Ford oversized sunglasses feature straight lines and corners with thin arms that support the body.

The slightly sloped straight browline ends on both sides in prolonged temples.

Tom Ford Overisized Navigators

Tom Ford Oversized Navigator sunglasses – Get yours here!

Also part of the square family, Tom Ford oversized Navigator sunglasses are a great pick for men who seek large driving shades. Topped by a straight metal browline, the oversized Navigators have intriguing angles as the lenses are tilted towards the exterior.

Thin metal arms complete the picture and in acetate. The ever present “T” on the arms is a testament to what you are wearing.

4. Tom Ford Round Sunglasses

The round metal Tom Ford sunglasses are a blend of metal and acetate that inspires old and new influences to create a unique designer eyewear collection.

Tom Ford TF 449 Round sunglasses

Tom Ford Jessie Sunglasses – Get yours here!

The round Tom Ford frames are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. With a doubled browline it looks like the metal goes around the lens, encircling it.

The saddle like bridge supports the browline and connects the two sides of the frame but its strange design makes it the resistance piece. The thin metal arms grow thicker from temple to end where the finish in acetate tortoise shell.

5. Tom Ford Black Flat Top Sunglasses

Flat top sunglasses are masculine and provide a glamorous look, especially in the Tom Ford black colorway. Tom Ford combines the modern futuristic style with a vintage oversized and retro look.

Tom Ford Dimitry Aviator sunglasses

Tom Ford Dimitry Aviator sunglasses – Get yours here!

The Dmitry sunglasses have modern and clean cut details that veil the face. Tom Ford combines the modern futuristic style with a vintage oversized and retro look of the classic Aviator.

Tom Ford Chris Aviator Sunglasses

Tom Ford Chris Aviator sunglasses – Get yours here!

Tom Ford’s black flat tops combine the sophistication of an old school style with the refreshing features of the modern age. The fine quality acetate frames have a flat top line on the edge that suggests a more mature silhouette.

They are a statement piece because they add definition to the face, refine the face lines and impress through color.

6. Tom Ford Tortoise Sunglasses?

Yellow, golden, black and navy — these are classic tortoise shell patterns that dress these Tom Ford shades. They mix in just the right amount of casual to make them a great pair for summer vacations.

Tom Ford Clubmaster Tortoise Shell sunglasses

Tom Ford Clubmaster Tortoise Shell sunglasses – Get yours here!

Remember that the bright colors of the tortoise shell are a style statement, so use that to your advantage and match them with an equally fashionable outfit.

Tom Ford Johnson Tortoise shell Aviators

Tom Ford Johnson Aviators – Get yours here!

Tortoise shell sunglasses comes in many multiple color palettes and each has the potential to be matched with your hair or skin color.

What are the Best Tom Ford Sunglasses for Any Face Shape?

You can find the perfect sunglasses for your face shape by following some simple rules. Tom Ford frames are available in all shapes so it’s not hard to find something that fits you.

A pair of sunglasses that adds definition to your face and works for you in all social setting will always be a fashion asset. Do you already know what shape compliments your features? Let’s find out!

1. Tom Ford Frames for Round Face

People with equal width and face length should avoid classic Aviator sunglasses. They will only emphasize the roundedness of the face and you should avoid that.

Tom Ford Hugh rectangular sunglasses

Tom Ford Hugh sunglasses – Get yours here!

We suggest you try rectangular shape frames, with angular wrap around the face. This kind of frame will add more definition and make your face appear longer.

2. Tom Ford Frames for Small Face

Tom Ford Louis Clubmaster Sunglasses

Tom Ford Louis Clubmaster Sunglasses – Get yours here!

People with small faces should look for oval and rimless or semi-rimless frames. This kind of frame will help define the cheekbones. Be careful with the width because they should not be wider that the cheekbones.

Wayfarers and Aviators are also a good fit.

3. Tom Ford Frames for Square Face

Tom Ford Aaron Aviator Sunglasses

Tom Ford Aaron Aviator Sunglasses – Get yours here!

Unlike people with round faces, square-faced men with prominent jawlines would enjoy a little softening up.

We recommend that you try on Aviators, round or semi-rimless frames. Their silhouette will create a beautiful contrast with your facial features.

4. Tom Ford Frames for Long Face

Tom Ford Jacob Aviator Sunglasses

Tom Ford Jacob Aviator Sunglasses – Get yours here!

People with long faces should consider oversized frames. This kind of frame will add width and will create balance in your features. Frames such as acetate Aviators or large round sunglasses will balance features and compliment your face.

Shield sunglasses are also a good option if you fancy them.

5. Tom Ford Frames for Oval Face

Tom Ford Cary Rectangular sunglasses

Tom Ford Cary Rectangular sunglasses – Get yours here!

You’re a lucky one! Almost every pair of sunglasses will look good on you. Aviators frames, sunglasses with rectangular shapes, semi-rimless styles, and full heavy rims are all ideal.

Our suggestion? These Tom Ford Cary rectangular black sunglasses, to add some angular features to your oval face.

Celebrities Spotted with Tom Ford Sunglasses

Tom Ford’s designer sunglasses are created in the world’s most fashionable country, Italy. Of course, this makes them irresistible. It’s not a surprise that Tom Ford eyewear is one of the hottest accessories that can be seen on and off the red carpet.

More than that, celebrities love Tom Ford sunglasses. Watch how some of your favorite celebrities rock Tom Ford frames and get inspired!

celebrities wearing tom ford sunglasses

Brad Pitt wearing Tom Ford Sunglasses


celebrities wearing tom ford

Daniel Craig wearing Tom Ford Sunglasses


celebrities wearing tom ford sunglasses

George Clooney wearing Tom Ford Sunglasses


How to spot fake Tom Ford sunglasses?

Due to their popularity, Tom Ford sunglasses are often replicated and sold as authentic. Here is what to look for to tell if Tom Ford frames are fake:

  • Carefully check the packaging to see if everything is neatly packed. Boxes should contain all the elements that designer sunglasses have: a high quality, hard box, a nice branded case, the cloth, authenticity and information cards as well as the pair itself.
  • Compare details on the frame arms with details on the box
  • Be weary of the prices – designer manufacturer rarely have large discounts and

For more information on how to tell if Tom Ford sunglasses are fake, you can read our full authenticity guide.

Are Tom Ford Sunglasses Expensive?

Everything in Tom Ford collections is considered a high-end luxury and that’s where the hefty prices come from.

You can buy Tom Ford sunglasses starting from $158 but special collections can get more expensive.

The most expensive eyewear collection by Tom Ford is The Fifties-Style frames, which cost around $2,950. The frames are made from water buffalo horn and gold-plated metal.

Where are Tom Ford sunglasses made?

Tom Ford sunglasses are produced by the Marcolin group which has its headquarters and production facilities in Italy.

Tom Ford sunglasses are manufactured from premium materials in Italy.

Where to Buy Tom Ford Sunglasses?

Try to only buy Tom Ford sunglasses from any authorized online retailers. On Eyewear Connection we have a broad collection of Tom Ford sunglasses for men that you can choose from.

You can also buy Tom Ford frames from official Tom Ford stores. They have stores all around the world, but in case you don’t have one in your city, then online is the way to go.

Browse through tons of models and shapes that highlight your features and be prepared to receive the best compliments! You’ll find at least one piece to fit your face shape and personality too. Browse our collection and pick the perfect ones for you!

All our Tom Ford sunglasses come with a warranty and certificate of authenticity

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