The Best of Versace Sunglasses: 21 styles to Upgrade Your Style

the best versace sunglasses

When you wear Versace sunglasses you make a solid fashion statement: your have an exclusive style and you wear only the very best.

Versace glasses have long been a favorite of men and women who appreciate quality and luxury. Often characterized by out-of-the-ordinary designs and eye-catching color palettes, Versace eyewear collections consist of artwork-like sunglasses that will make your style the talk of the town.

Discover the best Versace sunglasses for men and women that you can buy in 2017!

1. Versace Cat Eye Sunglasses

The cat eye is a women’s exclusive style. Versace’s cat eye sunglasses are elegantly designed to fit your every fashion need. You can choose from a wide variety of cat eye silhouettes, each tailored to inspire simplicity, sensuality or sophistication.

If you are looking for a simple and not very loud option, you can go with a simple thin frame painted in the beautiful Versace Havana colorway.

Versace Cat Eye Sunglasses

Versace Cat Eye Sunglasses VE 4292 – Get yours here!

Its elegance resides in the unpretentious look. The only clue that you are wearing an iconic designer frame is the small Versace etching on the lenses. On the sides, the temples hold the small Versace logo in metal.

Razor sharp edges, pointy lenses and frowned browline – these are the features that make these sexy Versace cat eye sunglasses.

Versace Cat Eye Sunglasses

Versace Cat Eye Sunglasses VE 2169 – Get yours here!

These frames are the result of blending acetate with metal. They feature an acetate browline and half acetate half metal arms. The lenses are pointed towards the temples and are held together by thin metal wire. The bridge is also made from metal.

In true Versace style, the side of the arms are sculpted and embellished – it’s a frame rich in details. Its sensuality is derived from the smooth curvy lines which are interrupted by harsh, angular features.

Refinement is another word widely associated with Versace. And nothing is more refined than Versace cat-eye sunglasses with embellishments and golden models.

These Versace vintage inspired sunglasses are different from anything you’ve seen before.

Versace Black Cat Eye SUnglasses - Get yours here!

Versace Cat Eye Sunglasses VE 4320 – Get yours here!

A great fit for the fabulous fashionista, these frames are thicker on the top and slimmer on the bottom. They need the extra browline room in order to fit round golden decorations. Same goes for the arms, which are thicker than your usual frame.

Versace cat eye sunglasses for women are the very definition of femininity – versatile, unique and always surprising.

2. Versace Aviator Sunglasses

The ever popular Aviator shaped is a must have for the Versace brand. Versace Aviator sunglasses are mostly a combination between sporty and elegant. Each model has its own unique details that make this beloved shape even better.

For Men

Though some Versace Aviator sunglasses are unisex, we’ll showcase some styles with masculine features.

Versace Aviator Sunglasses

Versace Aviator Sunglasses VE 2160 – Get yours here!

Like this modernistic interpretation of the Aviator – one of the best Versace sunglasses for men. The slim gold metal bar on the browline is almost artistically sculpted in an abstract way. The arms are also sculpted, embracing the lenses on the sides rather than on the temples.

The frame is without a doubt a true head turner for men.

An even bolder statement is the leather strapped bridge with the big Medusa logo in the middle.

Versace Black Aviator Sunglasses

Versace Aviator Sunglasses VE 2150Q – Get yours here!

This Versace aviator frame is rounded and sort of wraps around your face. It’s a great pick for summer get-aways on the beach. The Medusa logo, Versace’s trademark, dominates this frame with appearances on the bridge and side of the arms. In golden, it signals a leader.

For Women

With more delicate features, Versace aviator sunglasses for women are fit for a style-sensitive woman with a boss attitude.

You can instantly tell this is not your ordinary frame. The temple and hinges of the frame are decorated with semi-precious stones.

Versace Aviator Sunglasses

Versace Aviator Sunglasses VE 2159B – Get yours here!

The Versace Havana colorway and gradient lenses hint at a frame that needs to be matched with equally stylish outfits.

The alternative is another Versace Aviator frame – one less loud but equally impressive.

Versace Aviator Sunglasse

Versace Aviator Sunglasses VE 4299 – Get yours here!

The double bridge sustains an arc like browline that gives the frame a rounded look. The arms are thin and made from metal that is sculpted with Versace patterns. It comes in Versace’s Olive green and black or just matte black with golden arms.

Versace gold rimmed sunglasses speak luxury fluently and if prestige is what you are after then this is your stop.

3. Versace Round Sunglasses

Versace’s round sunglasses are creatively designed to look unique – no other round sunglasses look like them. The frames always surprise you and are sure to be a stylish addition to your wardrobe.

Versace Round Havana Sunglasses

Versace Round Sunglasses VE 4298 – Get yours here!

You can notice their versatility in the way they are built – the arms starting from behind the actual frame is an uncommon feature for a pair of specs.

Other models are less pretentions but nonetheless elegant. Versace black round sunglasses are the perfect attire accessory.

Versace Round Black Sunglasses

Versace Round Sunglasses VE 4310 – Get yours here!

They are practically meant for a formal environment where class and looks really matter. The contrast between black and gold creates a luxurious aesthetic which has to be supported by designer outfits.

Versace’s round sunnies should be at the top of your list if you are hunting for a new pair.

4. Versace Square Sunglasses

Versace’s square sunglasses are modern and cool and feature a forward thinking design that betrays their origin as designer pieces. As a side note, square and rectangular frames are destined for people with round, oblong and oval faces.

For Men

Versace’s square sunglasses for men can be masculine without having to show off too much. Obviously, they come in a wide variety so you have plenty to choose from. Pick a Versace frame that truly represents who you are.

A simple, thin design such as this Havana square frame will flatter an elegant man’s look. As opposed to most of Versace’s glasses, this frame has thin metal arms with the Medusa medallion on the side of the temples.

Versace Square Sunglasses VE 4307

Versace Square Sunglasses VE 4307 – Get yours here!

However, for the fashion aficionados who get their inspiration from bold and imposing designer pieces, we recommend a thick frame, etched in detail with golden medallions and ornaments.

Versace Square Sunglasses VE 4289

Versace Square Sunglasses VE 4289 – Get yours here!

The oversized Versace frame is destined to draw attention – the broad arms are covered in gold rhinestones and other details.

If you want true Versace Medusa sunglasses, this is the pair for you.

For Women

Versace square sunglasses for women are built on the principle of elegance and sophistication.

Versace Square Black Sunglasses

Versace Square Sunglasses – Get yours here!

The designer square frames are crafted in various sizes in order to become a perfect match for your style.

As with the Versace square sunglasses for men, you can choose a slim and discreet square frame or an oversized thick rimmed one.

Versace Square Sunglasses

Versace Square Sunglasses VE 4296A – Get yours here!

This gorgeous Versace white sunglasses model features an intriguing detail – the arm is connected to the frame through a golden 3D interpretation of the Versace pattern.

Inspired by ancient Greece, this pattern, along with the Medusa logo form the core of the Versace brand. The message is an ingenious one: you are wearing garments destined for gods.

5. Versace Butterfly Sunglasses

One of Versace’s most popular styles for women, the Butterfly sunglasses are often associated with celebrities and superstars.

This style emulates the look of a butterfly’s open wings – wide temples with a narrow middle. The Versace butterfly sunglasses cover your whole face giving you a VIP look that is bound to turn heads and spark conversations.

Truly feminine, butterfly sunglasses can be square or rounded, with surprising details and designs.

Versace havana Butterfly Sunglasses

Versace Butterfly Sunglasses VE 4308B – Get yours here!

This Versace square butterfly frame is rich with rhinestones embellishments on the corners near the temple – small, circular metal dots that contrast with the Havana colorway. On the sides, the ever present Versace Medusa is sculpted in golden.

Another interpretation of the Versace Havana tortoise shell pattern comes in a round shape with thin rimmed front and metal arms.

versace havana butterfly sunglasses

Versace Butterfly Sunglasses VE 4331 – Get yours here!

The metal arms feature a triangular pattern on which Medusa’s face rests. Versace aims to elevate the fashionable woman, giving her the perfect accessory to feel confident and sexy.

Wearing Versace butterfly sunglasses while walking into a fashion show is a statement on its own.

Choose Versace black sunglasses with double metal arms to match with your smart outfits.

versace butterfly sunglasses black

Versace Butterfly Sunglasses VE 4304 – Get yours here!

They are chic and exquisite, not too loud, but also hard to ignore. The front is made from acetate while the double arms are crafted from sculpted metal. Rejoining them at the temples – the Medusa logo.

6. Versace Shield Sunglasses

The shield style has been widely popularized by Versace. It takes a certain level of risk to pull these off, the reason why they are so rare.

However, this does not make them any less cool. Versace’s shield sunglasses are unisex so if you are a man or a woman with a keen sense of style and prowess to fashion risk taking, then maybe it’s time to give them a try.

Versace VE 2054 shield sunglasses

Versace VE 2054 Shield sunglasses – Get yours here!

They can be narrow in height and thick on the sides – an aerodynamic look that is far more unusual than what people expect.

Versace’s black shield sunglasses wrap around your face, from temple to temple offering an overall sense of coolness.

Alternatively, the shield also can be bold and wide resembling the familiar sky mask.

versace shield flat top sunglasses

Versace Shield Sunglasses VE 2166 – Get yours here!

This futuristic approach is exactly what makes Versace’s eyewear so special. Versace flat top shield sunglasses have eliminated the outer frame, substituting it with an inside skeleton that holds the singles piece lens together.

The double arms are made from metal and sculpted with triangular patterns. This Aviator shield hybrid is difficult to characterize but its uniqueness is unquestionable.

Versace shield frames are meant for the bold, stylish men and women who express themselves through exclusive choices of garments and accessories.

7. Versace Vintage Sunglasses

While a lot of Versace’s sunglasses pieces have vintage inspired details, some of you might be looking for the authentic vintage look.

So here are some key Versace styles that have that sweet vintage twist that you desire.

Versace vintage Aviator sunglasses for men and women are inspired by the classic acetate silhouette which has been very popular since it’s inception.

Versace Aviator Sunglasses VE 4321

Versace Aviator Sunglasses VE 4321 – Get yours here!

This unisex Versace blue frame features a heavy flat top browline and slim acetate arms. As opposed to other Versace sunglasses, it has very little branding, the only noticeable one being the Versace named in metal on the temples.

It’s a great fit for people who love Aviator sunglasses and also want to emulate a vintage look.

Butterfly sunglasses are also restyled in a vintage way. Unlike their modern counterparts, they are dressed in a very colorful palette, a mosaic of sorts. Also, the frame and arms are slimmer and lighter.

versace vintage butterfly sunglasses

Versace Butterfly Sunglasses VE 4303 – Get yours here!

Instead of the modern and futuristic oversized Versace logo, this multicolor frame prefers a small and discreet embellishment on the sides. The Versace burgundy color is dominant, however, the frame takes the role of a canvas where the designer spills his art.

Finally, the most vintage inspired Versace frame is the classic cat eye. First made popular in the late 50’s and early 60’s, the Cat Eye has become a symbol of femininity and fashionable sensuality.

Versace vintage cat eye sunglasses

Versace Cat Eye Sunglasses VE 2168 – Get yours here!

Versace has numerous interpretation of the cat eye and this one is amongst our favorites. It’s vain but in a silent way. The extremely slim frame, the pointy temples, and slim metal arms all hint to a woman who thrives in sophisticated simplicity. Versace opts for a tan colorway that contrasts with the silver and black arms.


How to spot fake Versace sunglasses?

As with most designer frames, replicas and knock-offs have been a real problem in recent years. Before buying Versace sunglasses take into account a few basic rules.

  • The price policy of Versace products is very strict – huge discounts and unlikely prices are sure to lead to knock-off products.
  • Buy only from authorized stores and online retailers which offer the possibility of a refund.
  • Check the frame thoroughly when receiving the package and look for imperfections. Also, check the Versace case – a premium product like Versace will have a nice, high-quality glasses case.

versace sunglasses ad

To learn more about how to tell if your Versace glasses are real or fake you can visit our complete article on how to tell if Versace frames are real. The rules are mostly the same for all big designers and you will have a better understanding of why it’s important to wear authentic glasses.

Why are Versace sunglasses expensive?

Versace produces high-end luxury items so sunglasses and eyeglasses are bound to be more expensive. Because you are paying for a premium product, Versace sunglasses prices are rarely reduced and never by a large percentage.

The prices are also driven up by the frame’s design. Each piece of Versace sunglasses is crafted like a work of art with careful designing and planning behind it.

Extra features such as Versace sunglasses lenses with UV protection can also drive up the price. Same goes if the frame is a vintage Versace frame or a limited edition.

Where are Versace sunglasses made?

Versace sunglasses are manufactured in Italy, a detail which should be specified in the centered print that runs along the metal insert inside the arm. It should have the Versace name etched along with the symbol CE which certifies that it is made in Italy.

All Versace sunglasses should come with a warranty and certificate of authenticity.

Versace sunglasses are a must have for men and women with exquisite fashion taste. It’s a brand that dares to dream big and take risks. Versace people are not afraid to show who they are and how they feel.

You can visit our collection to discover more Versace sunglasses models!

All our designer sunglasses and eyeglasses come with a certificate of authenticity.

All our Versace sunglasses come with a certificate of authenticity.

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