How to Tell Real Designer Sunglasses from Fake Knock-Offs


Are you in the market for a new pair of designer sunglasses, but quite afraid you won’t know if what you’re buying is the real deal or just a well made knock off? Just like you, we don’t appreciate counterfeited eyewear, which is why we only source real designer glasses, brand new in their original packaging.

Read this guide and you’ll be sure of your purchase!

Buyinghow to authenticate real designer sunglasses a fake product can be very annoying – not to mention the money you lose. Learn how to spot the real deal from the knock offs and you will never have to worry about making a mistake.

Big brands have had their products replicated since forever. Sunglasses are amongst the most copied items in the world of fashion. Fake sunglasses are an actual business – a pretty big one actually. The frames can range from clear knock-offs to high detail replicas.

Yet, as with almost everything in life, the devil is the details. Whether it’s a pair of Gucci® shades or some fresh Tom Ford® Aviators, the small things will let you know exactly what you are dealing with.

We’ll give you our most valuable tips on how to spot knock-off designer sunglasses, from the moment you unpack them until you put them on. Of course, our tips don’t apply to every single product or brand, but they can give you an idea on what to watch out when you are not buying from a brand retailer.



What makes Eyewear Connection an authentic eyewear shop?

Registered dealer

Eyewear Connection is an authorized eyewear dealer and registered optician.

All of our fashion designer eyewear will be delivered to you in their original packaging and accompanied by a certificate of authentication which proves that what you are buying a legit pair of frames. We offer a 100% authentic designer eyewear guarantee which you can read about here.

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If you need corrective eyeglasses, we have a team of qualified optical professionals that are able to help you with medical advice when it comes to your prescription eyewear. Our lab can offer any type of prescription on the frames you choose.

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Once you have decided to buy your favorite pair of frames, you will be able to order and pay for it through our legitimate and secure checkout system. The designer eyewear will be delivered to you in exactly the same condition as you would buy them in a store – complete with original case, accessories, certificate of authenticity and designer shopping bag (if these are provided by your chosen eyewear designer).

Flexible Return Policy

Fake frames are everywhere, and you expose yourself to the danger of buying them especially when shopping online. If ordering online is a must, we recommend opting for a seller that offers you the possibility of a return.

Our designer glasses return policy is a good example of what a legit, authentic online retailer should offer.

Why is it important to spot fake sunglasses?

If you’re a style seeker on a budget, buying a fake or cheap sunglasses designer brands is for sure a tempting option.

But everything has a cost, and before you buy your fake designer sunglasses, make sure you can handle the risks. And they’re quite a lot. Firstly, because it’s annoying to spend more than $300 thinking you’re going to receive those beautiful Gucci shades you’ve been dreaming of and actually get some worthless plastic frames.

Second of all, it’s important to spot fakes because of serious health issues posed by the UV light. A common mistake is thinking that the darker the lenses the more protection received. Unfortunately, that is untrue. Dark lenses can cause even more harm if they are not UV protected.

So, next time you get your hands on a pair of sunglasses, check out these features to make sure that you are not being tricked! Meanwhile, we give you sine useful tips on how to spot fakes from your favorite brands!

How to Authenticate Your Favorite Designer Brands


1. Spotting Fake Ray-Ban Sunglasses

The most famous designer sunglasses brand in the world is bound to be replicated and copied at a large scale. Fake Ray-Ban sunglasses are everywhere, especially at dodgy internet re-sellers so you should pay extra attention when purchasing them. Replicas of Ray Ban Clubmasters, Wayfarers or Aviators have flooded the market in recent years.

Buy authentic Ray Ban sunglasses!

Buy authentic Ray Ban sunglasses here!

Try to buy from stores on verified online re-sellers who have a good track record of sending automatic products. E-bay resellers of Ray Bans or other designer brands should have scores from other users that attest to their legitimacy.

If, however, you ordered a pair that you are not sure is genuine, take a look at these individual brand traits to know if the Ray-Ban pair is real or fake.


Check the Box

Ray-Ban® is a perfect example to illustrate the importance of packaging. To spot fake Ray-Ban products you must first check the box.

Ray Ban Authentic Eyewear Box

Take a good look at the box which holds the case. Is it made out of quality cardboard or just a thin, cheap paper?

Also, if the color of the cardboard is shiny and peeling in some places, you’ve got a knock off on your hands. Authentic Ray-Ban boxes should have a matte, consistent color, and the cardboard should feel nice when touched.

After analyzing the box, the next detail to check is the frame code and series that is placed on the side of the box, as seen below.

Authentic Ray Ban Box with Code

Check the Case

Once you have opened the box, you should find the nice case that holds the sunglasses. Ray Ban is known for its has a high-quality, fashionable leather cases.

Ray Ban Leather Case

The Ray Ban sunglasses case is made out of black or brown leather. Test the quality by smelling the leather- a dead giveaway if the sunglasses are fake. The case should have a powerful, leathery smell – anything else is not genuine.

Check if the case correctly branded, Ray-Ban cases have the brand stamp on the left side and also a small inscription on the button. If all of these elements are present then your purchase is legit.


Check the Accessories

Every Ray Ban box should be accompanied by some accessories such as a certificate of authenticity, warranty card, and instructions booklets.

Remember that real designer sunglasses come with a certificate of authenticity, warranty card, instructions booklets, and a high-quality cloth. Check these items for misspellings such as the brand name, place of origin and other similar information.

The clot should be made from soft materials such as velvet or suede. If the box has no cloth or a low-quality one, then you are dealing with a replica.

Check the Frame

A good way to spot Ray Ban fake sunglasses after unpacking is checking the overall frame. Regardless of the model (Aviators, Wayfarers, Round), the Ray-Ban frame has particular details that are easily noticeable.

The hinges of Ray-Ban Wayfarers, for example, are made from a single piece of molded quality metal. The hinge of all Ray-Ban sunglasses is also recognizable from the number of fingers. Pre-2010, the hinge had seven fingers and after 2010, it has only three. Pay great attention to these details and you will never buy fake Ray-Ban Aviators or Wayfarers.

Ray Ban Hinges

Regardless of the model, frame serial number, name and measurements are engraved inside the arm. This information is even present on the thing, fragile arms of Ray-Ban Aviators.


Ray Ban Thin Arms Enscription

Another way spot Ray Ban fake sunglasses is to check that the logo is present of the arm, near the temple. Real Ray-Bans have the logo raised on the side of the arms. Knock-offs usually only have a sticker or a print with the brand name. On thinner frames such as the Aviators, you can find the logo on top of the frame.


ray ban Etching on the lens

Ray Ban Aviators Upper Inscriptions


Authentic Ray-Ban sunglasses also have a small “RB” etched in the lens. These branding elements and unique logo are very important as they are the signature trademarks of the brand.


Ray-Ban label etching


You can try to scratch off the etching with your fingernail. Real Ray-Ban sunglasses guarantee that the etching will never come off.

Check the nose pads

Authentic Ray-Ban nose pads are also branded. They are made from soft materials which inside has a metal piece engraved with the letters “R” and “B”.


Ray Ban Nose Pads


This small detail is present in frames that have these type of specific nose pads, such as The Aviators, The Club Masters, and any other frames which have soft, independent nose pads. Ray-Ban Wayfarers, for example, lack this feature because the nose pads derive directly from the frame and are made from the same materials.

Check the Price

Finally, one of the most important aspects is the price. Ray Ban has a strong price policy – it’s unusual to see Ray Ban sales, especially on any other site than the official one. You can tell that Ray-Bans are fake if they are sold at a ridiculous price disguised as a special offer. Don’t fall for these scams, always buy from a trusted retailer or an official site.

A new scam practice is currently taking place on Facebook and other Social Media platforms where users are drawn to visit fake Ray-Ban websites where fake Ray-Ban frames are highly discounted. Besides being the victim of scammers selling you counterfeit products, your card details may be at risk because they travel on the internet on encrypted websites.

Remember that designer brands rarely have discounts and if they do, they are within reason. You will never find a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses at a $15 sale. If you have any doubts regarding a reseller, you can always check with official representatives from the brand.

Ray Ban Legit Check Facebook


This is a great example of someone checking with the official Ray-Ban page to see if a re-seller is legit or not.

You can find more information about Ray-Ban Facebook scams and how to protect your online payments from this We Live Security article.


 2. Spotting Fake Gucci Sunglasses

Gucci® is one of the world’s most counterfeited designer brands. You can tell if Gucci sunglasses are real of fake by looking at a variety of details. As with the Ray-Bans, it all starts with the box and the case.

Buy authentic Gucci sunglasses!

Buy authentic Gucci sunglasses here!


Check the sunglasses box and case

Gucci Sunglasses case


Gucci sunglasses come in a hard, branded box.

The box is made from quality materials in order to protect the case. The case itself is usually made from leather is branded at the front. Check the logo and the styling of the letters to make sure that they are properly spelled and arranged. Fake Gucci sunglasses might have very noticeable mistakes such as a missing “C”, but also very small ones such as the distancing between the letters.


Check the Serial Numbers and Inside inscriptions

Designer frames have specific inscriptions that allow both buyers and retailers to identify a specific pair and be able to confirm it as authentic.

Gucci sunglasses serial number

Both temples of the Gucci sunglasses arms feature inscriptions that will help you check them.

On the right arm, you will always find a “Made in Italy mark” and also the letter CE which stands for European Conformity. On the left arm, more valuable information is engraved: the model number, the frame’s color code and the lens and frame measurements.

To spot fake Gucci sunglasses cross reference the inscriptions from the arms with the ones from the box’s label or authenticity card. If something is missing or incorrect then it’s very likely that the Gucci pair is a knock-off.

Check the Nose Pads

The newer Gucci nose pads are detailed to have “Gucci” or “GG” logo printed on them. This small detail is often overlooked by counterfeiters and is a great final way to check for replicas.

If you are buying an older pair of Gucci sunglasses, the nose pads are not as reliable to tell if they are fake. Older Gucci models have had the pads replaced or simply don’t have text on them.

3. Spotting Fake Tom Ford Sunglasses

Sunglasses designer Tom Ford is known for his beautiful models and high-quality creations. The popularity of Tom Ford® sunglasses has spammed a very large number of replicas and fake frames. Here’s how to tell if Tom Ford sunglasses are fake.

Buy authentic Tom Ford sunglasses!

Buy authentic Tom Ford sunglasses here!

Check the packaging

As with all high-end products, Tom Ford sunglasses are beautifully packed for your unwrapping pleasure. Tom Ford sunglasses boxes should contain all the elements that designer sunglasses have: a high quality, hard box, a nice branded case, the cloth, authenticity and information cards as well as the pair itself.


Tom Ford Sunglasses Hard Case


The case is branded on the front with the Tom Ford logo, usually in gold colors. Tom Ford cases should feel heavy and must have a good closing system. Check if the case easily opens and closes. Does the lower part perfectly match the upper part when you close it? Do the hinges from the case feel elastic and loose or are they steady and fixed?


tom ford sunglasses case


To tell if your Tom Ford sunglasses are replicas you have to take all these small details into consideration.

The Tom Ford cloth is made from velvet and guarantees a smooth cleaning of the lens. A missing cloth or one made from poor materials should definitely raise questions.

Check the Serial numbers and inside inscriptions

To spot Tom Ford fake sunglasses, have a look inside the arms, near the tip of it.

Authentic pieces should have a small metal plate with the brand name engraved on it. The letters should all be the same size and styled like the regular logo.


TOM FORD branding on sunglasses arms


Tom Ford sunglasses also have a serial number on the left arm temple tip, just at the end of the arm. This serial number should match the one on the box or in the authenticity certificate. The serial number should be etched cleanly and clearly so that you can run your fingers over it and feel it.

tom ford sunglasses etching on the lens


An etching should be present on the lens. Similar to Ray Ban sunglasses, the etching is in white and can’t be scratched off with the fingernails. If it’s easily removed from the lens, the frame is a fake one.

4. Spotting Fake Oakley Sunglasses

A lot of technology and high-quality materials go into the fabrication for a pair of Oakley® sunglasses. The brand is renowned for its incredible lens, comfortable frame and long life span of products. This is why it’s very upsetting to spend a lot of money and end up with a knock-off.

Buy authentic Oakley sunglasses!

Here is how to check if Oakley sunglasses are fake.

Check the Packaging and country of origin

All Oakley sunglasses are made in the USA so the box and information booklets should be stamped “Made in USA”. Counterfitters obviously try to mimic this, but you can usually tell from the styling of the letters and it’s consistency on both the box and in the booklets.

Oakley Sunglasses Case

Oakley cases usually have zippers and are made from a hard material which resembles fabric but is a combination of plastic and other materials. This feature makes it heavier which is something you should always check in order to establish authenticity. The weight and feel is one of the best methods to spot fake Oakley sunglasses, so be sure to take it into consideration.

Check the frame

Oakley frames have several distinctive features which guarantee originality. The most important one is the iconic Oakley “O” which is present on all Oakley merchandise. Authentic Oakley sunglasses have an “O” glued to the temple rather than etched or inscribed.


Oakley sunglasses O


In the interior of the arms, you will always find the SKU which is the frame’s identification number. Older pairs of Oakley have a sequence of two numbers, a dash and then another three numbers.

Newer Oakley frames have longer SKU’s that start with a double “O” instead of a zero. After that, there are four numbers, dash, and another two more numbers. Always cross reference these numbers with the ones in the booklet and certificate of authenticity.

Check the nose pads

The nose pads are another dead giveaway if the frame is real or a knock-off. Oakley sunglasses have the nose pads from quality materials such as rubber or acetate.


oakley rubber nose piece


To spot fake Oakley sunglasses you have to check the rubber nose piece. The real frame should feel soft and spongy while a fake is hard and smooth. The overall quality of the nosepiece could be a great way to attest authenticity.

Check the lenses

Oakley lenses are made from high-quality materials and are often polarized. To emphasize this, Oakley ads etchings and inscription to the lens. You can tell if Oakley sunglasses are fake if they don’t have these features or have them in an erroneous manner.


Oakley Polarized Etching


The Polarized etching should be present on all polarized frames. As with any other designer frames, check it by running your fingers over them. Newer frames only have a circled “P” sticker on them to attest their polarization. It should be easily removable and will not leave residue when you pull it off. If it’s difficult to take it off, or leaves a mess, the Oakley frame might be a fake.


Oakley P Sticker

Check the Price

The last thing that should attest to the authenticity of Oakley sunglasses is the price.

Oakleys rarely have discounts and range anywhere from $50 to the $150 + range. If the price seems too good to be true and the seller unverified then it’s best to avoid the purchase. If you happen to stumble upon fake Oakley products you can report them here.

5. Spotting Fake Dolce & Gabanna Sunglasses

D&G® fake products are everywhere, especially on personal retailer websites such as E-Bay. Even though there are some trusted online retailers it’s best to only buy from authorized ones or simply from a store. This is how you can tell if your Dolce & Gabbana® sunglasses are fake.

Buy authentic Dolce and Gabanna sunglasses!

Buy authentic Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses here!

Check certificates and box content

The contents of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses speak of their authenticity. The box is made from quality cardboard and branded on the front. The case is covered in leather and should be stable and strong.

The case should be wrapped in a soft socket. This accessory is meant for extra protection – of both the frames and the case. Inside the case, you should find a high-quality cloth that is specifically designed for cleaning the D&G lenses.

Dolce and Gabbana case and accesories

Even the paper from the instruction book and certificate should be of high quality. Dolce & Gabbana offer a certificate of guarantee with all their original pairs. Don’t lose it because you won’t be able to fix your sunglasses without it.


 Dolce & Gabbana Certificate of Authenticity

Check the frame engravings

Recent Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses have their serial number etched onto the right lens rather than on the arms.

This is a new feature taken by the brand in order to make it more difficult for counterfeiters to replicate the model. However, if the specific pair you are buying is older than two years, it should have the serial number engraved on the inside of the arms.

On the inside of the arms, you should find the “Made in Italy” sign along with CE. The engravings are exactly the same as with Gucci sunglasses. The tip of the temple arm has a small metal plaque which is glued inside the arm. Check this piece for any spelling errors or distance between the letters.


dolce and gabbana branding on the frames


When trying to tell if Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses are fake or authentic all details matter, so be sure to check them out.

Check that the metal patch is fixed solidly to the tip of the arm and goes in its place without flaws. There should be no signs of glue, not to mention instability or the possibility of losing it.

6. Spotting Fake Prada Sunglasses

Prada is a well known designer brand in the world of sunglasses.

It is also one of the most replicated luxury brands. Being a part of the Luxottica conglomerate, Prada® shares the same authenticity features as other brands such as Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana. It also shares the standard things to check – box, case, and accessories as well as inside inscriptions on the arms (“Made in Italy, CE, serial number and frame measurements).

Buy authentic Prada sunglasses!

Buy authentic Prada sunglasses here!


A unique way to tell fake Prada sunglasses you must look for a distinct feature that all Prada products have. This is not a well-known fact, but all Prada items have a distinctive touch that differentiates them from fakes and replicas.


Prada sunglasses with Curve R


The letter “R” in the authentic Prada logo resembles a crescent cut directly beneath the loop of the “R”. Fake Prada sunglasses do not have this feature or they copy it incorrectly. Always check the stylization of the brand name of the frames and you will have a better chance of distinguishing between fake and authentic.

Check the Lenses etching

Most luxury sunglasses brands have a white etching on the lenses which you can feel out with the tip of your fingers. Prada sunglasses have a colorless, transparent etching that is barely visible with the naked eye.


prada brand etching on the lens


This etching is present on all Prada sunglasses and because it’s colorless, you can’t scratch it off. What you should do is check if the writing is clean and straight and if the letters are the same size and have the same spacing. The Prada “R” should also have its distinctive spacing and format.

7. Spotting Fake Carrera Sunglasses

Another highly replicated sunglasses manufacturer is Carrera®. The iconic brand is known for its sport and fashion inspired styles, especially the Aviator revamp. Check out what you need to look out for in order to tell fake Carrera sunglasses.

Buy authentic Carrera sunglasses!

Buy authentic Carrera sunglasses here!

Check the Manufacturing location

To spot fake Carrera sunglasses always check where the frames have been manufactured. This information should be listed on the box and on the inside of the arms. Carrera sunglasses are made in Italy, Slovenia, and China, information that is clearly emphasized on all their products.


Carrera champion Aviator sunglasses

Check the Lenses etching and stickers

The second most efficient way to tell if your Carrera sunglasses are fake is by checking how the lens is presented. All designer sunglasses have etchings or stickers, but Carrera has a longer writing and more information.

The Carrera logo engraved on the lens will usually be accompanied by the “UV Protection” marker. Try to scratch these off with your nails and if you succeed that the pair is not genuine.

8. Spotting Fake Chanel Sunglasses

Designer brand Chanel® has also had its fair share of replicas and fakes. Alongside bags, accessories, and clothing, sunglasses are one of Chanel’s most counterfeited items.

Buy authentic Chanel sunglasses!

Check Branding and Inscriptions

Like many other designer brands, Chanel® sunglasses have the Chanel logo in the circular pattern on both sides of the frame and on the box. After checking the packaging and the box’s accessories like in all the other cases, start examining the temple logo.


Chanel sunglasses with logo


The brand decided only to engraft the logo and not raise it. Regardless, the Chanel logo has to be the same one as the logo that the case they came in.

Chanel authentic sunglasses should never have a crooked logo or obvious design flaws. Crooked logos, disproportionate emblems, and bad stitching should are one of the easiest ways to spot fake Chanel sunglasses.


fake chanel sunglasses


Don’t be fooled by poor quality, glued logos. Make sure that you buy a frame that has the logo straight and clean on the side of the arms. Don’t forget to check the inside engravings on both arms. Same rules apply: brand name, where the frame is made, frame measurements and European Regulations standard (CE).


Chanel right arm sunglasses

Check the lense etching

Chanel sunglasses present several etchings on the lenses.

The most recognizable one is obviously the brand name while the second one is the serial number of the frame. This of great use if you are trying to tell if your Chanel frames are fake or not. The serial number should be the same as the one on the box and in the certificate of authenticity.

Remember, however, that this technique is quite recent (last 2-3 years) and older Chanel sunglasses models do not have the serial number etched on the lenses. If you want to purchase an older Chanel frame, don’t rely on etchings.

You should run your fingers on the lens to feel the etching on the lenses and attest their authenticity.

General rules to spot fake sunglasses before buying

1. By looking at the packaging

The best things always come packed neat and beautiful. This rule naturally applies to designer sunglasses. When paying the regular price for a pair of designer sunglasses, even the unpacking of the frames should be an experience.

Beautiful packaging is not only an important aesthetic feature but also a way to tell that you are buying a quality product. To spot fake designer sunglasses you must first look at the way they’re presented.


Chanel retail box


The box should be made out of quality materials, hard cardboard and be branded with the designer logo or name. Most boxes have a sticker with the serial code and other information on the side of the box. Always cross reference this with the details from the frame and booklets.

2. By looking at the frame

So, you opened the case and found your precious frame. But is it legit or an unfortunate knock off? Take your time to look at it, most sunglasses replicas have obvious mistakes but some are really accurate. Regardless of the designer, there are a few things to look out for at first sight.


The Materials

The second most noticeable detail when you pick up the frame is the overall feeling. Do they have an all plastic feeling and a frame that looks very fragile? Or is the frame made from quality materials such as aluminum, other metals, high-quality acetate, and glass?

Most designer sunglasses cases are made from leather or other high-quality materials such as velvet. They have the good smell of fresh materials. Cheap, knock off materials derive from low-quality fabrics and have no smell or smell bad.


Tom Ford Nastasya Sunglasses box set


You can also tell the quality of the materials from the weight of the product. Cheaper materials will make the frame lightweight and tend to feel flimsy and rattle. Real designer sunglasses which are made from quality materials will have some weight to them and will feel balanced and solid when you hold them.

Branding elements and unique logo

The branding elements are an essential part of establishing if a frame is a real deal or a knockoff. There are some common elements, that can be found on every designer frame as well as some individual ones for specific designers.

The first thing to check is if the brand name or brand initials are etched in the lenses. This is something you can’t really tell by simply looking at it, you have to run your fingers across it.



Fake sunglasses have a sticker with the brand name, or even drawn with a brush. If you scratch the surface and the brand sign starts to peel off, the frames are definitely a knock-off.

The actual, visible logo of the brands will almost always be placed on the arms of the frame. This can be positioned near the temple or at the bottom of the arm. The finishing of the letters should be sharp and clear. The letters inscribed on the frame must have the same amount of space between and be consistent. Check for writing mistakes such as Gabbana with a single “B” or Gucci with a single “C”. This type of design mistakes is common in fake sunglasses.

The Hinges

Once you take it out of the case, the first thing you do is open the arms. Are the hinges stiff or do they move naturally and simply? Real designer frames use the best materials in the hinges so they should never feel stiff or loose. They should have a natural, easy way of opening.

Ray Ban Hinges

Model inscriptions

The arms of designer sunglasses always have important details about the frame. They are revealing in terms of establishing the authenticity of the frame.

One of the sunglasses arms should feature the model number, followed by color, lens and frame size measurements. Every designer sunglasses will have these details printed on the inside of the arms.


Most designer sunglasses are indeed made in Italy. Yet, some designer brands such as Oakley or Ray-Ban are made in U.S.A. This information should be visible on the interior of the arms. Alternatively, some brands manufacture their products in China, Slovenia and other parts of the world. This does not mean that you purchased a fake product. If the serial number match and everything else is in order, then the frame is authentic.


oakley made in USA


3. By checking the frame fit

Finally, after checking the box, the case, the frame itself, it’s time to try it on. This is the point where it is already fairly easy to spot the knockoff from the real deal.


The lenses

The sunglasses lenses should be clean, clear and free of any scratches or other unwanted elements. Brand stickers that are applied to the lenses should be easily removable and leave no glue or pieces of paper. If the sticker can’t be removed easily, it’s most probably a fake.

Ray Ban Polarized Aviator Lenses


Fake sunglasses lenses are mostly made out of plastic and this should be obvious once you put them on. Through plastic, vision is slightly impaired and can seem blurry. Fake lenses don’t provide any kind of protection against UV light.

The fit of the frame

The frame fit should feel comfortable and natural on your face. The must be perfectly aligned with the eye focal point and fixed on the nose. Frames that are crooked on the face are fake and you must not wear them because they will cause damage to your eyes.

So, What’s Wrong with Fake Sunglasses?

Fake sunglasses pose a serious threat to your eye health and you should avoid them at all cost. Beyond the health issues that might arise, it’s a disappointing feeling to pay for a designer frame and receive a cheap, fake one.

Buying designer frames offers you the guarantee of quality and safety. All the frames have special lenses which will 100% protect your eyes from UV light. Fake designer sunglasses will not have protective lenses and will leave your eyes exposed to the harmful rays of light thus leading to eye problems and health threats.

You can buy fake sunglasses online without even knowing and expose yourself to major health issues. Besides the health concerns, there is also the problem of money spend. Buying a fake pair of frames and paying the designer price means that you are losing money and are being scammed.

If sellers of fake sunglasses don’t have a problem with trademark infringement, they likely also don’t have a problem with offering weak UV protection. Wearing sunglasses with bad UV protection will hurt your eyes than not wearing sunglasses at all, as mentioned in this article in Time Magazine.


How to buy authentic products online

The best way is to purchase them from an authorized store which can advise you on your prescription needs or any other problems you might have.

If you have to buy online make sure to always order from a trusted and authentic retailer or reseller, like our team at Eyewear Connection.

The chances of buying a knockoff decrease drastically and you can sleep easy knowing that you made a smart investment.

Eyewear Connection only offers high-quality products from the best designers.

Order a pair of sunglasses from your favorite designer now!

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  1. I’m a collector myself and i came across many well made fakes last years. But you can always tell because they’re never perfect, especially when checked thouroughly you always will find some minor flaws. The best fakes aren’t even that cheap, topbrand-fakes like Dita, Mykita or Rick Owens sometimes are priced at $100 but a connaisseur always can tell they’re fakes.
    Even ”top”sellers on ebay sell them. Caveat emptor!

    • Hey Mark,

      Thank you for your comment. Indeed, sometimes 1/1 replicas can be hard to spot and it’s up to the buyer to be aware of the risks.

      However, we think that most fakes can be spotted by checking out the details underlined in our article.

    • Stephanie Britto says:

      Hi I just purchased a pair of Chanel Vintage Sunglasses with model #C391593. Can you please tell where I can have these priced?

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